Should the home design take into account overnight guests?

Having space for both – sleeping guests and privacy.

How much weight should be placed on events that occur outside of our daily lives?

For example, if you have regular overnight guests, it is obvious that you must consider this; however, if it only happens on occasion, you may meet the challenge by “borrowing” your own bedroom and then sleeping on a good divan or couch that you also like on a daily basis.

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How to solve the challenges?

An idea for the living room.

The biggest challenge is undoubtedly the swing doors, which are between the living room and hallway. Yeah, they are fine, and everyone is very happy with. The problem with them is just that they make a small living room smaller and in fact impossible to use and enjoy.

I believe you should remove these doors in order to have more possibilities for arranging and making better use of the wonderful area.

For me, daylight isn’t as fundamental when I first sit down in the evening, but it’s fantastic in the morning at the dining table and during the day when you’re sitting with a tablet or whatever else.

Everything depends on how often you have overnight guests.

You have a dedicated guest room:

Some examples of what you can do:

Provide hotel essentials such as luxurious towels, toiletries, sleep masks, slippers, and so on.

Invest in a comfy bed with high-quality linens and a warm duvet.

For baggage and clothing, add a bench, closet, or luggage stand.

Include one or two nice chairs for relaxing.

Use lighting that is easy to find and use, such as bedside lamps with individual switches.

Use window treatments like blackout shades or drapes to block out light and noise.

Place some interesting reading material, such as coffee-table novels or magazines, on the table.

Include a carafe and glasses for water in the room, as well as a tiny stash of wine for a late-night nip.

Use wallpaper or art to make a statement or to depict the local area.

You don’t have a dedicated guest room:

If you don’t have a guest room, use a sofa bed or an air mattress in your living room, den, or office to make your guests feel at ease. You may also:

Assist them in making their bed in the evening and showing them where they can change and store their belongings.

Tell them what time you usually wake up, so they aren’t startled.

Extra blankets, pillows, and towels should be provided.

Allow them to use a bathroom that is clean and filled with necessities.

In the morning, provide them with breakfast and coffee.

I hope this helps you construct a comfortable guest room for your overnight visitors.

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