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Advantages of living small

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Do you find difficult to set up your small apartment interior?

That’s not crazy and you are not alone. The majority of people are in your situation. But furnishing and decorating a small living space is not an impossible task.

The main difficult part is to fit all your stuff into a limited space without compromising functionality and the atmosphere. And do not forget that living in small apartments has its certain advantages.

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Read this article and also check out the amazing designer ideas from our new uploaded video from our YouTube channel “Grig Stamate” .

Small Apartment Tours, Design Trends and Inspiration (video)

What are the advantages of small living?

Small apartments and houses are conveniently located around the downtown areas close from offices. They are also quite accessible for young families and starters on the housing market.

A small living space bring a cozy feeling due to the small living area.

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In a small living space functionality is the most important thing, but we don’t have to forget the comfort and elegance. These two factors improve our life quality.

And the elegance can be only achieved when the décor of your apartment is in conformity with the latest tendencies in the interior design.

In our new uploaded video, you will find more than forty creative ideas for furnishing and decorating a small apartment.

But anyway, let’s see once again, several generally tips for decorating a small interior!

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Here are the furnishing and decorating tips

  1. opt for a light color palette – when using a light color palette, a space appears larger.
  2. use multifunctional furniture – a dining table with expandable top, a sofa bed, an ottoman with storage space are extremely useful when you are living small. They are stylish and practical.
  3. visually separate your living space – you do not want to have a messy larger open space. Using room dividers, you can visually separate each living area from each other. A room partition works great for separating the living room, dining room, working space, and the kitchen.
  4. use the height of the room – this is a good tip. Think vertically and use the height of your living space. Use wall-mounted shelving systems to store your suff.

These are just several tips. Of course, the ingenuity and your creativity will find many other solutions. Please share your thoughts with us. Write us in the commentary section.

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