Small Apartments that Go Big with Bold Décor Themes, #3

How to arrange a small apartment

What can you find in this post and in new uploaded video from our YouTube channel “Grig Stamate” ?

Small Apartments that Go Big with Bold Décor Themes, #3 (video)

In this post you will find practical furnishing and decorating ideas for a comfortable small apartment interior.

You can also discover in our new uploaded video more than forty amazing and creative design ideas that can help you to turn your small apartment into a cozy, stylish, and comfortable living space.

Small Apartment 1

First of all, a small apartment needs to be functional.

You have seen in our previous articles and uploaded videos that are many interesting and smart design ideas to “cheat” a small living space size and make it practical.

Yeah! All you need is inspiration and a bit of personal creativity.

There is a design way for every small living space no matter where you live in an apartment building, a tenement house, a basement apartment, or a studio apartment.

Small Apartment 2

There are design rules for a small apartment?

Yes, there are several specific rules when it comes to furnish and decorate a small apartment.

First of all, a small apartment should be airy and bright. It needs a lot of light, especially natural light that can make the space to look larger.

Secondly, a small apartment interior should be organized and tidy.

A great idea is to paint the walls in white or in whitened tones such as ivory, cream, dove gray, light beige, etc.

The floor needs to be cursive, the same in all the rooms. In this way the transition between rooms will be smooth, and the arrangement will be more functional and consistent.

Small Apartment 3

What kind of design style is more fit for a small apartment?

The most indicated design styles are retro, industrial, hi-tech styles, minimalist, and Scandinavian design style.


Because the design styles are ruled by simply furnishing and decorating ideas.

Thanks to these rules the living space will gain harmony, equilibrium, and will not be overwhelmed by unnecessary items.

Of course, many people like stylized arrangements. They are going for glamour and eclecticism.

Yeah. It is possible to add a touch of glamour to a simple interior. Just an exquisite addition like a carved piece of furniture or a valorous decorative accessory can give this glamourous touch.

Small Apartment 4

Furniture for a small apartment – what will work?

Modern custom furniture is perfect for any kind of small apartment. You will see many examples of furnishing in our video.

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