Small Living Rooms Ideas – New Décor Schemes #3

Change the living room décor without unnecessary investments.

The small size of the living room is no reason to deny yourself the opportunity to fulfill your thoughts about the comfort, coziness, and exquisite appearance of your house interior.

Do you want to make a few changes to your living room without spending too much money?

In this article and the newly uploaded video, which is the third part of the video series “Small Living Rooms Ideas | New Décor Schemes” we bring you creative tips and ideas, thanks to which you can easily manage it!

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Small Living Rooms Ideas | New Décor Schemes #3 (video)

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Endless design variations

The most basic method is to look around your home and try to come up with new ideas. Move furniture and accessories, and experiment with different materials, colors, patterns, and shapes.

Have you had a wacky idea? Try it! It might not go precisely as planned, but that’s okay. At the very least, it will stretch your creative bounds even further. For example, I tried using a linen blanket as a curtain on the bed and I really like it. And it’s not just me.

Liven up the walls.

Do you think your living room is uninteresting or hasn’t changed in a long time? Make the walls come to life! A lovely sticker, wallpaper, or shelves can be just the thing. It also looks wonderful when combined with wallpaper and simple, color-coordinated shelves.

Use the window potential.

Make the most of your windows! The ones in the living room are the most apparent to everyone and hence demand special attention. You can have multiple curtains and drapes at home and change them depending on your mood. Try trendy wooden or bamboo blinds to create a relaxing environment in your living area.

Take care of your sofa.

Of course, not every sofa would look fine with a cover or blanket on it. However, it’s worth a shot. You may enjoy the fact that your sofa has changed dramatically, but it remains the same.

Cushions are also a terrific idea because they are inexpensive and come in an infinite number of forms, colors, patterns, and materials… You can change them once or twice and your couch will look completely different!

As always, do not forget the indoor plants!

Flowers and plants should not be overlooked; they should be present in every living area. Choose carefully, however, so that the plant makes you happy and lasts as long as feasible.

Give a twist to your old coffee table.

Do you have a coffee table that you “looked at” but decided not to replace? Try to assist yourself with a smaller tablecloth to swiftly give it a new twist. A mat made of natural materials or brightly colored plastic, for example, is an alternative. Feel free to use those from your existing tablecloths.

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