Suspended Beds – Innovative and Smart Solutions for Your Home

Suspended beds start gaining increasingly ground among people of all ages who want to create a unique design in their home.

However, when it comes to suspended beds or hanging beds, many people tend to confuse them with bunk beds. In contrast, the models and types of beds that we will present in this article have nothing to do with bunk beds, they giving another meaning, completely different, to the concept of suspended beds.

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In principle, apart from their decorative appearance, at least in relatively small rooms, this type of beds offers a major advantage, allowing the use of the under bed space as a storage, which is rarely possible with the classical models.

Therefore, predicting the people’s growing appetite for these original pieces of furniture, manufacturers invent models that are more and more, attractive and surprising.

If you want to include suspended beds in the arrangement of your patio, bedroom or garden, maybe this article will help you in this decision. I will try to present here some models of beds, comfortable, ingenious and that look excellent.

1. Patio Suspended Bed

Spring is coming and along with the warm weather, you’ll want to spend more time outside. For those priceless moments of solitude when you want to relax completely, you can choose to create your own retreat with a suspended bed.

A suspended bed can find its ideal place into a gazebo, on your patio or anywhere it can be hung under a roof.

2. Suspended Bed for a Small Bedroom and not Only

A unique and smart solution for a bedroom minimalist design where you do not have too many pieces of furniture and decorations, can be a bed suspended by chains, hanging from the ceiling.

Suspended bed is a statement piece, so you do not need too many other elements around it.

3. Suspended Bed for a Classy Bedroom

A suspended bed, hanging from the ceiling using thick ropes can greatly improve the look of a elegant and modern bedroom.

The great advantage of a suspended bed, besides the aesthetic one, is that not gather dust and dirt underneath it. So you can easily vacuum or sweep under it.

4. Suspended Bed for Your Garden

Would you like to have a swing in the garden, but also a comfortable bed where you can relax just like into a regular bed?

Then you can opt for a suspended garden bed with ingenious mounting system that lets you easily swing while you’re lounging back and read your favorite book.

5. Nest Suspended Bed for Indoor or Outdoor

Would you like to hide in a quiet place where anything and anyone cannot disturb you?

Then it means, the suspended bed in the form of a nest is exactly what you need to get relaxed and pleasant moments.

6. Hammocks

Hammocks today, get a new and we can say, a practical reinterpretation and we can find them not only in the classical variant for the back yard or garden but also in a modern and elegant indoor variant.

Specifically, hammocks can be converted into suspended beds, ideal for individuals or couples who want to create a surprising and charming design for the bedroom or even for their living room.

Those who have tried these suspended beds have declared excited and say they would never return to the classic bedding.

7. Suspended Sofa

A suspended bed-shaped sofa is just what you need if you get used to invite your friends to you.

This original piece of furniture is also suitable for space in the garden or backyard, because it is quite large.

Suspended sofa is equipped with cushions that gives you maximum comfort and enhances your well-being, just as happens in a spacious lounge.

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