Building a Room Divider

Designing and Building a Stylish Room Divider

A stylish room divider can contribute enormously to the overall aesthetic look of your living room. Of course there are different ways to add a room divider. An appropriate room divider can sometimes be difficult to find, so that is why it may be a good idea to make one yourself.

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Let’s see some types of room divider:

Portable Room Dividers (Floor Screens): This kind is the preferred method for renters. Since a renter cannot remodel the place without obtaining permission from the owner, the floor screen can be an ideal divider that can move around with the renter. Movable partition walls can be made out of wood or glass panels depends on your preferences. It can be moved one place to other places. They can be made from different materials like wood, plywood, hardboard or plastic sheets.

Sliding room divider (Privacy screens): They can hook up to ceiling tracks that connect to rollers for easier operation. They can be installed on ceiling and floor tracks. Privacy screens come in different kind of materials such as: wood, shoji screen or wire mesh. It s an easy and economical way to add privacy to a multi-use bedroom as well as make the most practical use of space. Sliding room dividers are also relatively inexpensive and simple to install.

Room dividers made from glass blocks: Not only will they add privacy but they can also keep the room bright by letting the light in.

Modular Play Panels: Constructed specifically to meet the demands of children rooms with high quality wood, plastic and modular products that include additional safety features. They are very easy to assemble with no sharp edge.

Sound absorbing room dividers: System provides a flexible room divider that has amazing sound absorbing properties

Bookshelf Room Dividers:They offer a smart, space-saving option for everything from closets, pantries and wall safes in homes, to private areas and divided rooms in schools, banks and offices. A perfect fit for both residential and commercial applications.

Indoor waterfalls: This is a new amazing concept. They are ideal for dividing up home, office, etc. They can transform silent homes and office spaces into soothing natural environments rich with the sound of flowing water.

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