The Benefits of Adding Engineered Hand-Scraped Flooring

Hardwood Flooring is becoming increasingly dominant on the flooring market. They are made from multiple crossed ply layers (3 to 12 layers) glued together. The benefits of using engineered are obvious:

a)    Does not expand and contract as much as solid wood flooring
b)    High resistance to moisture
c)     Can be directly glued on concrete slab or stapled on wood flooring

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What is Engineered Hand-Scraped Flooring?

Engineered Hand-Scraped Flooring is a technique, which give engineered hardwood flooring an aesthetic rustic look using a scrapping tool. Apart from obvious aesthetic effect, this procedure has a practical effect; it hides all the floor imperfections like bruises, bumps or scratches.

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Are all the Engineered Hand-Scraped Flooring the same?

The answer is “NO”. This technique is done by hand therefore, there are not two Hand-Scraped Flooring alike.

The floor surface can be scraped, finished, brushed or aged (antique technique).

Antique technique is the using of a dark stain and highlighting the grain of the wood.

There are two types of aged technique:

a)    French Bleed – planks with deep beveled edges; the joints of the floor are stained with a darker color.
b)    Pegged – is a decorative type of hand-scraped flooring.

To create a true finish hand-scraped wood flooring you need custom tools specific manufactured for this kind of job.

The most of hand-scraped flooring are altered before installation or after its installation, using different techniques such as bleaching, beating with chains or maybe fastening with old kind of nails.

However, scrapping is only the first part of having a good hand-scraped flooring. The finish procedure includes staining, screening, sealing and re-coating of the wood.

A skilled technician can create an original, one of the kind look hand-scraped flooring.

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