The Checklist that Buyers for Condo Have to be Aware

A. The property rights. A condo owner owns the interior space of the condo. In the same time he owns in common with other condo owners, the building walls, the surrounding land, fences and facilities. An owner got the right over the parking, locker, and balcony.

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B. Pre-Construction issues. For the owners who purchase a condominium prior construction in a new building, there are a lot of options.

  • When the amenities are going to be ready?
  • Or will there be another construction stages? More people can be on the site and more people are going to use the amenities.
  • What will be your right as an owner prior condo registration?

C. The status certificate. The certificate will include information about monthly expenses, pending legal actions, how much is the reserve fund. The document will include declaration, by-lows, rules and regulations. You have to know all of this or your lifestyle will be affected. You will find the pets legislation, if barbecue is allowed on the balcony. Be well informing before you buy the condo.

D. The condominium governance. A board of directors elected from condominium owners will supervise the way condo construction is going. When is possible learn about the board, learn how you can you be part of the decisions concerning your property value or your lifestyle.

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