The most widespread interior design rules no longer applies

All rules are meant to be broken.

Decor rules enter in the same category, and they also are meant to be broken, aren’t they?

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Let’s back to the article theme for today and see several interior design rules that are not used anymore:

You shouldn’t mix different wood types in your home interior décor

You’ve certainly heard that you shouldn’t mix different wood types in your home interior decor, because it can bring a messy and ugly look.

But not anymore. Different and mixed wood types can actually help your overall decor making it more unique and exciting.

The reality is you should therefore scrap this rule which states that different wood types should not be mixed.

This applies to both furnishing and design. Dare to mix different kinds of wooden furniture. Also, you can have the flooring from a wood essence and the kitchen countertop from another one. These are just two examples. So, break up with this stereotype and feel free to use wood in your home interior.

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Break up the space with carpets and area rugs

Carpets are a clever design trick you can use when you have hardwood floor or another kind of wooden floor. They do not break up your living space. Quite opposite.

In fact, by placing a rug under the wooden furniture will lead to a unifying effect and make the transition between different types of wood a lot smoother.

Let’s see now several rules that continue to be widespread used in the interior design.

Living Room

Use decorative accessories to create a décor balance

Let your wood furniture selection to continue in the decorative accessories. In this way you will create balance in the home interior.

How can you do that? By placing accessories of the same type of wood away from the furniture made of the same wood. Smart idea. You will create a common thread and thus décor balance. Picture this. Imagine wooden frames and wooden dining tables in light wood that have a certain distance.

Wood furniture in several tones

One of the easiest and simplest ways to combine types of wood is to choose furniture pieces in several wood nuances. In this way, the mix between the different wood species seems and feels natural.

Use large surfaces other than just wood

Wood brings a nice, cozy, and warmth feeling, but not when everything is made from wood from walls, floors, and ceiling to furniture and decorative accessories. It creates a cabin feeling, which is inappropriate for a contemporary city home.

So, mix other kind of surfaces next to a wooden floor or wooden furniture, such ceramic walls in the kitchen, granite countertop, glass walls, drywalls, etc.

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