Tips for Making Slippery Concrete Slip-Proof

Concrete is maybe, the most used construction material. It is strong, durable and don’t need too much maintenance. However it is one big disadvantage; when the concrete is wet, dirty, oily or icy it becomes slippery.

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For safety reasons and to prevent any accidents it is extremely important to have a non slip concrete surface. Let’s see your options:

1. Paint the Steps with Non-Slip Paint

Painting is an easy way to create a slip-proof concrete surface and more than that it add color and texture. This will enhance any concrete surface. For painting is necessary a special kind of paint made of different substances such aggregates, resin etc.


a) First, paint the area with clear paving paint
b) Sprinkle fine sand over the wet painted area
c) Brush away any excess sand and allow time to dry

2. Put Down Slip-Resistant Tape

Perhaps, this is the best options for making a concrete surface less slippery. You can order this special tape in just about any color and cut to any size and shape.


a) Clean the concrete surface with industrial solvent and water to remove any dirt. Rinse thoroughly with clear water and allow time to be completely dried.
b) Using a painter roll apply a primer coat to the concrete surface.
c) Allow 5 minutes for primer to dry.
d) Before applying the tape it is important to measure carefully the concrete area.
e) When you are applying the tape, use a rubber painter roll to gently press the tape. This helps the tape to adhere to the concrete surface.
f) Continue to apply tape until you cover the entire area.

3. Overlays

What are overlays?

Overlays are a form of concrete resurfacing. The process consists in pouring a thin layer of cement over an old concrete surface. Overlays can enhance the look of the concrete surface. In the same time overlays can make non-slippery this surface.  Sprinkling fine sand in the overlays process you can add texture, making the concrete surface slip-proof.

There are many finishes to complete the overlay process such broom finish or stamping technique which will add more traction

to the surface. In my opinion overlays is the best technique to make a concrete surface non slippery.

4. Broom finishes

Broom finishes technique can be applied only if the concrete is fresh poured before curing. It is a simply and practical solution.

If your concrete surface is old, you need to combine this technique with overlay.

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