What Are the Reasons of Dog or Cat Neutering

If you’ve just adopted a dog or a cat or if you are going to do that, one of the best decisions for his health is to neuter it. Surgical procedure is simple and consists of the ovaries and uterus removal for females, and the removing of the testicles for males.

Here is a list of some of the sterilization advantages, described by experts from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

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1. Females will live longer and will be healthier.

Sterilization prevents uterine infections and breast cancer, fatal diseases to 50% of dogs and 90% of cats. More than that, sterilization before first cycle provides the greatest prevention against these diseases.
Some people think that their pet should give birth at least once, to be healthy, but this is just a myth. In addition, we must not forget the fact that currently there are not enough homes for all the stray dogs and cats and other newly born baby will take adoption chances of animals that are now on the streets.

2. Neutering males prevents cancer.

Neutering males prevents testicular cancer, if it is done before six months of age. In addition, it removes the risk of having unwanted puppies.

3. Sterilized females do not go into heat.

In their attempts to attract male cats that are in heat will meow insistently and will urinate more often, sometimes everywhere in the house.

4. Your dog will not run away from home.

A male will do everything possible to find a partner, so nothing will stand in his way to leave the home. The risk is to be hit by car or being hurt by other males.

5. Neutered males will have fewer behavior problems.

Neutered dogs and tomcats will focus their attention on their family and will not mark anymore the territory with their strong smelling urine. In addition, many aggression problems can be removed by neutering.

6. Your pet is not gaining weight after being neutered.

Do not use this excuse to not neuter your pet.  Extra pounds are caused by inactivity and too much food. The weight of the dog or cat will remain the same if they have an active life, and if you pay attention to how much they eat.

7. You will have fewer expenses.

The cost of sterilization is less than the maintenance of their pups, or than treatments that will be needed if the animal is injured in fights with other males.

8. Sterilization reduce the number of stray animals.

Stray animals are a real problem. Some owners will try to give him as soon as as possible, usually immediately after the age of one month because is not easy to keep them and more than that is quite expensive. Removal of pups from the mother earlier than 3 months after birth creates different behavioral problems because they do not have time to learn social rules. Thus, these puppies will not be sociable with people will be anxious or aggressive and will not play with other animals.
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