Use Ecoshel Smart-Shingle System for Your Home

If we ask ourselves what can be new and inventive in home roofing and siding, then maybe Ecoshel Shingle Smart System is the answer. This system is actually a smart combination of old and new, and is undoubtedly a much better and faster cedar shingle system installation for both siding and roofing applications.

Cedar Shingles
Ecoshel Smart-Shingle System

Why Ecoshel Smart-Shingle System is a better and smart way to install shingles?

The answer is simple. The installation of these cedar shingles is significantly faster, they last longer, perform much better and last but not least, the installation cost is lower than conventional shingles.

In addition, this system is using real, western red, full size cedar shingles that can be used for the both applications, namely siding and roofing.

Automatically Installation: It is an innovative system because the cedar shingles are not connected together to a backer-board. Instead this system provides a simple and perfect installation. In fact, we can say without any doubt that the installation is automatically. You need only to follow the “matching guide numbers”.

 The joints between cedar shingles are offset from the next two course joints. Offsets are at least 11/2 inches and each shingle will be fasten with two nails as conventional shingles and as required by code. In this way, any leak is excluded even in case of heavy rains. In fact, when properly installed Ecoshel Smart-Shingle System is a completely waterproof system.  The overlapping rows and layers will provide several barriers to water. Each cedar layer redirects the water back to the roof surface.

Superior Ventilation: Ecoshel Smart-Shingle System helps to eliminate any trapped moisture produced by other sources such as solar vapor drive, condensation or window leaks, providing in this way, a superior ventilation. You will save money with this system because you don’t need to install an extra rain-screen system.

It is well known that choosing a rain-screen system is an extremely important decision, because if your siding is installed directly on TYVEK or other housewrap, the trapped moisture will be pushed inside the wall through this permeable housewrap by the solar vapor drive causing decay and mold both inside the walls and in the sheathing. The entire home structure will be affected, which will certainly lead to a decrease in the building lifespan.

Ecoshel system provides an excellent ventilation between the cedar shingle layers making them to dry quickly and efficient.

Designing with Ecoshel Smart-Shingle System: The design is no different from that of a traditional system. In fact, this system offers similar design options as traditional cedar shingles, including classic corner styles (mitered, woven or corner boards) and curved installations.

More than that, Ecoshel shingles are superior to conventional cedar shingles because they are manufactured with a more accurate thickness. This will help to create flush corners.

So, using Ecoshel Smart-Shingle system for your home is a smart decision.

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