Using Simply Smart Ideas in Your Home

How to ease crayon marks on your walls.

Squirt a dab of non-gel tooth-pasta on your spot and rub it gently. The paste will ease the spot. Finish your job by sponging the area with water.

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Have a second pantry.

If you are short in storage kitchen, hang a clear plastic shoe bag on the inside of kitchen door and put inside little used spices.

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Drip –proof candles.

Mix ½ table spoon salt and 2 cups of water. Then soak your candles for 1 or 2 hours and allow time to dry. The invisible crust will keep the wax from melting.

How to keep your plants properly hydrated.

Water the soil until you can see drips coming out from the bottom of the planter. This means the roots are soaked. Just be sure to empty the saucer once it’s done draining.

Chewing gum stains. If you got gum spot on your pants, you still can remove it. Heat 1/3 cup vinegar in your microwave for 25 seconds after that dip in an old toothbrush and lightly rub the gum. The vinegar will dissolve the gum.

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