Victorian-Style Interior Decorating

Victorian style is characteristic of the period of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. During the reign of Queen Victoria (1837 to 1901) was marked by great changes in social and economic life of the population.

Industrial Revolution led to mass production, which meant many more goods for the population. Housing and interior decorations have not done their exception to this economic boom.

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It was the golden era of the British Empire. The middle class was increasingly more powerful. Homes were a reflection of the social status of those who lived in them.
In fact, we cannot talk about a specific style. Victorian style is an eclectic mix of several periods, from Gothic to Rococo dominated by an excessive ornamentation and yet feminine.

Let’s see together the factors that you need to take into account to decorate a bedroom Victorian-style.


The Victorian-style emphasis is on dark colors. Predominant colors are dark blue and ruby red. They are extremely important in the overall look of the room.

However, the color palette is quite limited. One explanation could be that the chemical industry was at beginning at that time.

You can opt for a simply painting or different painting style such as sponging. Remember only one thing the background color has to remain the most important aspect of the room.

However, the painting style is not limited only to sponging. You can choose from many styles such as stenciling, faux marbling and so on.

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Wallpaper was another way to cover and decorate the walls of a room. In the mid-nineteenth century, wallpaper went into mass production and was among consumer preferences. The Victorian-style wallpaper covering the top of the wall above the skirting board. It was used excessive, wallpaper made of water silk or damask featuring birds, large flowers or animals.


Another feature of the Victorian-style is the large pieces of furniture with an impressive, grandiose and dramatic effect.

A room should be filled to the brim with pieces of furniture, furniture that are processed to the smallest detail.

For an authentic decoration, you should look for pompous armchairs, ottomans, lounges and easy chairs. The more the better.


Fabrics should be similar to wallpaper, highly patterned. In the winter, it can be used damask or velvet, and for summer, best is cotton, muslin and chintz.


Another symbol of Victorian-style is the large, dense, heavy curtains. Obvious, they should be in dark colors and made of material so dense that blocks even the most intense light. As well as the curtains to be in the same tone with the walls or at least to match the color of the walls.


Fireplaces are magnificent, a grandiose combination of cast iron, marble, stone and wood.


 In the Victorian era, moldings are an integral part of the walls. In particular, crown moldings.

Victorian crown moldings are characterized by their massive and imposing appearance. They give a distinctive note of this style.


Woodwork has to be dark stained. Important is the skirting board.


Give free rein to your fantasy and imagination. However, choose all the items in accordance with the size of the room.

Do not be afraid. Use mirrors with Victorian details, pictures with massive golden frames, heavy lamps, stuffed animals in glass cages and so on.

The Bathroom of Your Master Bedroom

 The bathroom should be in the same tone decorated as the bedroom. Mirrors, paintings with massive frames should not miss.

However, the main bathroom piece is a bathtub with claw feet.