Wallpaper Is Back in Fashion

Wallpaper is for many of us an antique upholstery fabric that reminds you of childhood and days spent in your grandparents’ house, a busy floral wall print smelling of lavender. Perhaps this unmistakable musty books and lavender smell comes to your mind with an old gramophone tune.

I think now is the time to abandon prejudices and memories and see wallpaper as a finishing material, which must be taken into account. Moreover, today’s wallpaper comes back in the preferences of interior designers and consumers.

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Any painter knows how difficult it is to clean the walls of this stubborn and outdated material. You need to wet, heat and scrape the walls for hours to remove completely the wallpaper from a room.

The New Wallpaper Generation

The new wallpaper generation is much DIY friendly and you should consider a change of heart.

Smart interior decorators have made colors and patterns much easier to match up at the wallpaper seams so there’s a lot less waste and of course less frustration.

For example you can new fancy and chic wallpaper lines featuring black and white or several color combinations that range from floral to geometric patterns.

But the colors and patterns are not everything when it comes to the new generation of wallpaper. Unlike the flimsy, old ones these new kinds are washable, pre-pasted and most importantly, peelable, not to mention that they are affordable, around $30 is the price of a double roll.

Wallpaper – A Fashionable Accessory for Your Home

Wallpaper is indeed in trend today becoming an important accessory for your home and a great way to add character and excitement to any room.

Long time ago, in the Victorian era it was common to paper all four room walls but today it’s more chic to paper just a wall and leave the other three painted.

The new bright, bold wallpaper designs work extremely well as an interesting accent for a pop pattern and colour.

Today Wallpaper – An Excellent Finish

In fact the new generations of wallpaper aren’t just limited to aspects. They come in a wide range of textures from faux brick to sea grass. They are also moisture resistant and therefore they are fit for high humidity home areas such as bathrooms.

Wallpaper Types

Each type of wallpaper comes with advantages and also disadvantages:

Fabric Papers – more expensive but easily removable.
Vinyl Papers – affordable but much more difficult to remove
Paintable Papers – prevent the consumers’ remorse; if you are bored with the colour you can repaint the wallpaper. It is easy as an ordinary painting.

However, the options are virtually endless. Hanging wallpaper is today much easier than ever and is more like an artistic and funny creation than a chore.

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