What are the Essential Safety Tips for Using LPG Gas at Home

LPG Gas or Liquefied Petroleum Gas, known also as GPL, LP Gas, or liquid propane gas is used as fuel in many households and even in vehicles.

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Unfortunately, the improper use of LPG is not without major risks of accidents, such as poisoning, fires and even explosions. Therefore, you must take all necessary measures to prevent such terrible disasters.

Let’s see some safety tips when using gas appliances at home.

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1. When you install a LPG gas device

Choosing a gas appliance is a smart decision, but you should know that only a professional technician is recommended, to perform the installation. When installation of the appliance is completed, the technician will issue a certificate of conformity on completion.

2. LPG gas appliances maintenance

Inspecting your gas appliances, making sure they do not have any leak and following the instructions is critical.

Even if a gas appliance is not use for a while does not mean that, some of its parts were not damaged. It is, therefore advisable to seek the services of a registered technician, to inspect it.

3. If you smell or suspect any gas leak

If you suspect any gas leak and you smell the gas, then you should immediately take the following measures:

1| Make sure any flame is extinguished
2| Turn off the valve – you need only to turn the valve in a clockwise way
3| Open all the windows and doors to ensure a good ventilation
4| Vacate the house and call the fire department

4. Install carbon monoxide sensors

This will be a wise decision, a safety precaution. The best thing is to install the sensors close to the gas appliance and close from bedrooms.  They are really great. They monitor all the time the air quality and will sound the alarm if they sense any increase in carbon monoxide.