Why Dogs Love to Tear Papers?

I think that almost everyone who has a dog knows this. This may sound familiar to you too. You go out, leave the dog alone and when you return, you will find the book you were reading torn into small pieces. Or you change the roll of toilet paper from the bathroom and find it fringes and scattered on the tiles.

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Veterinarians and experts say that some breeds are more prone than others to tear the papers in the house. Thus, the most likely to do something like that it seems to be golden retrievers, boxers, bichon Maltese and cairn terrier.

However, although apparently it is a harmless activity for their health, swallowing pieces of paper can cause digestive problems or even intestinal blockages.

What Your Dog Really Wants?

Dogs have enormous fun when they roll the toilet paper roll on the floor or when they pulling it from the holder, when they tear the paper into pieces even more because they do not see any harm in that. Often dogs simply enjoy the feeling of breaking objects with your teeth, pleasure similar to that given by tearing prey in the wild.

Other dogs get to tearing news papers, magazines or other papers around the house because they are bored, stressed or anxious.

What to Do When Your Dog Tear Papers

Avoid letting exposed magazines, newspapers or books and give him special toys to chew or some toys in which you can hide rewards. So, the dog will consume his time and energy trying to reach the tasty food. Also, make sure your pet do enough exercise outside.

On the other hand, a dog that barks, tear paper, makes its needs in house and scratched doors when left home alone may suffer from separation anxiety.

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