An Easy Way to Fix a Peeling Ceiling

A flaking and peeling ceiling is an eyesore and can definitely ruin the look of your home. Fortunately, repairing your peeling ceiling is not quite a difficult job and if you are a handy homeowner, you can do it yourself.

Flaking and Peeling Paint
Peeling Ceiling

It is true that it will require working over your head at pretty awkward angles, but the result will deserve your efforts. The finished ceiling will look great and will dramatically improve the overall appearance of your room. The ceiling repair is absolutely necessary, because no matter how you choose to refinish your room ceiling, you need a repaired and clean working surface.

Materials & Tools

Scraper; Trowel; putty Knife;
Sandpaper 100-grit; Sandpaper 220-grit; Sponge;
Patching Material; joint Compound; Plaster Washers; Screen Material;


1| First using a scraper, scrape out all the peeling paint from your ceiling. You do not want to paint over a loose paint, do you?

2| Using sandpaper, 100-grit scrape away the rest of lose paint. It is highly recommended that your ceiling to be perfectly clean, otherwise the fresh paint coat will not adhere to your ceiling.

3| Next step is to fill any cracks and gaps in the ceiling. Use for that a putty knife and apply a very thin patching material layer.

4| Allow time to dry and sand thoroughly using 200-grit sandpaper shit. Sand carefully until the edges are smooth with the surface of your ceiling

5| If there are any larger cracks, you need to use plastic washers and screen net. First you should screw these plaster washers into your ceiling and through the wood lath, which is above it. You need plastic washers all around the ceiling cracks.

6| Apply a thin layer of joint compound using your putty knife and cover the plastic washers.

7| Place above a piece of a special screen material and push it gently into the compound layer.

8| Smooth the compound layer with a trowel and allow 24 hours to dry.

9| Sand gently the surface, using 200-grit sandpaper. Repeat all the steps if it is necessary.

10| Wipe the surface using a wet sponge. In this way you will remove any sanding debris.

11| Refinish your ceiling.

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