Smart Ideas to Decorate Around Dark Floors

Colors and nuances are an important and versatile visual element, which plays a decisive role in home décor and have a great contribution to the room design.

The Importance of A Good Floor

Also, the room floor has an important role in defining the room decoration and of course, the choice of the floor material and color. However, this should be done in accordance with the colors of walls, but also with the choice of the furniture and decorative accessories.
And speaking about floor colors, there are so many options but in the last years, the floors in dark colors have detached considerably, being preferred by designers and homeowners.

And no wonder why? The huge popularity is due primarily to their ability to clearly define the room surface and secondary, they highlight the furniture and the decorative accessories.

Elegant Condominium with Dark Wooden Floor

A dark floor allows the choice and use of a large variety of furniture. But, like many other things, dark floors have advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Your room will get a distinct, elegant and refined air, without the need to use expensive furniture and decorations.
  2.  A dark floor can be assorted with a wide range of decorative elements and many furniture styles.


Although a dark floor is a new trend in terms of interior design, it can have several disadvantages.

Dark floors are not suitable for decorating small rooms, knowing that dark shades visually shrink any space or surface.
The dark colored parquet floor requires a little more time and effort to maintain. It will immediately notice the dust marks or stains. So, the best is to cover the traffic area with a carpet or a rug.

What kind of furniture is the best for a dark floor?

Floors in dark colors will feel best in the company of pieces of furniture in light shades, to make a stunning contrast and the result will be spectacular.

However, you can also choose a set of furniture in a similar or identical nuance, but you need to separate separate them visually.

How can you do that? Simple with the help of a piece of carpet I light colors such as: white, beige, pale yellow or cream, under the furniture pieces. In this way, you will discreetly highlight both the elegance of the floor and the beauty of the furniture.

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