Living Big in Micro Homes

The Upside of Downsizing

In any kind of business, downsizing is a scary word that nobody wants to hear. On the other hand, in real estate this word provides homeowners with a wide range of opportunities and possibilities. In the last time, an increasing number of people choose to purchase a house that’s significantly smaller than their present property. There are many upsides to a downsizing. Maybe you prefer a smaller space because the size of your family has changed, or perhaps, you want a smaller and lower-maintenance house for, there are plenty of reasons for a downsizing.

Moreover, downsizing is an excellent opportunity to convert your property equity into capital that you can put towards a better and enjoyable lifestyle or maybe a vacation home.

However, the main benefit that attracts many people to a smaller living space is the convenience of low-maintenance living. Less living space means less time spent for house chores. So, you have more time to use for leisure or a well-deserved vacation.

The Downsizing Uprising

In other words, a tiny property simplify your family life and make more room for free time and adventure.

In the last years, thousands and thousands of homeowners have been thinking to switch their three-bedroom condos and houses for micro-homes of less than 500 – 600 square feet. It is indeed a tiny home movement. Small and tiny houses are popping up everywhere across the country, converted shipping containers, sleek glass boxes, DiY modern pods, or log houses on wheels.

The benefits to going small and tiny are quite huge. A tiny home cost under $25,000 to build, easing in this way, the family financial burden of a too big mortgage. More than that, downsizing limits spending and consumption eliminating clutter and waste. In many cases, smaller properties allow you to live off the grid, in any area in remote and wild locations, closer to trails and nature. And obviously when your home isn’t bigger than a garden shed, you’ll spend more time outdoors. It is a free life, not having to spend much part of your weekend with house chores (vacuuming or mowing the lawn). That means more time for relax, travel and why not, adventure, not to mention in this way you will shrink your footprint.

Certainly, we need to rethink the American dream. Don’t forget, people are fulfilled and happier when they spend their money on healthy living and travel than material possessions. Living in smaller homes free you up to do what you really want and love.

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