Feng Shui Tips for Christmas

We are all increasingly surrounded by more negative energies, which leads to an increased stress, but fortunately winter holidays is the perfect time when we can lessen this increased stress and relax.

If you associate this favorable time of year, with “Feng Shui”, you will be able to surround yourself with more energy accumulating in this way, more strength for the approaching year.

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Let’s see the best Feng Shui tips for your home during the holidays.

Decorate Using Christmas Colors

According to Feng Shui, during the holidays it is recommended to bring warmth and energy at home through vivid colors. Because it’s Christmas, the best thing would be to opt for red, green, gold and other colors that fit this holiday. You can also decorate each camera in different colors. If you have decided for the living room on red and green shades, for other rooms you can choose blue and silver, red and gold or fuchsia and silver. Use Christmas tree ornaments, little stockings or satin tinsel. However, try not to load the rooms with too many decorations and remember: according to Feng Shui simplicity and order is the basic thing to get the much needed peace and relaxation.

Place the Christmas Tree in the Best place in the House

Depending on where you place the tree, you’ll enjoy certain things next year, as follows:

– If you place the tree on the east side of the house, you will enjoy health and family;
– If you place the tree in the south-east side of the house, you will enjoy money and abundance;
– If you place the tree in the south side of the house, you will enjoy fame and good reputation;
– If you place the tree in the north side of the house, you will enjoy a successful career.

Depending on the position of the Christmas tree, you should take into consideration the colors that will decorate the tree:

 – If you place the tree in the north of the house (career) is recommended to decorate specific water and metal shades: blue, gray, white;
– If you place the tree in the north-east of the house (self-cultivation) use your fire colors: red, pink, yellow;
– If you place the tree on the west side of the house (creative) use your metallic colors.

Use Candles

Generally, candles and light help you to keep the energy inside of your home. Purchase decorative candles for Christmas celebration. It is recommended to opt for large candles of various sizes and to group them in different areas of the house. Place the candles in west, northwest, east or southeast areas of your home. Do not forget to place candles in the bedroom or bathroom, but do leave the lit candles unattended.

Use Essential Oils

The magic of the holiday season can be filled with these essential oils that, if you place them in different areas of the house, you will have a pleasant atmosphere. In addition, they purify and freshen the air throughout the home. Use special essences for Christmas such as cinnamon, vanilla, mandarin, orange, lemon and clove.

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