Beautiful Houses made from Wood with Modern Interiors

A wooden house can be the ideal home.

In the today modern world, with the various computer programs’ help, it is pretty facile to create a unique and ideal architectural project for your home. Everyone can really build his own dreamy house!!??

Let’s dream about it! I mean technologically it is accessible, but the cost is pretty high for most of us.

However, in our days, projects of cottages and houses made from wood give life to the most bold, daring, and unusual ideas in both facades and layouts.

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Absolutely Fabulous Modern Wooden Home (video)

In our new uploaded video, you will find a magnificent wooden house with large terrace and surrounded by a gorgeous landscape.

Modern interior design. Large windows let you immerse into an amazing 360 degrees view. Spacious and large with modern open plan. Absolutely magnificent interior with wooden walls and wooden high ceiling.

Modern wooden houses in many styles

Today there are wooden houses in many diverse styles from minimalism and high-tech to classic and traditional.

How is created a wooden house in modern style?

Large, panoramic windows on all facades, material combinations (wood, ceramic, and metals), large open living spaces, especially at ground floors, interior metal and wood staircases that lead to the next levels where are the bedrooms, subtle minimalist details and easy-to-care and maintain products are typical and generally used elements of modern design.

Of course, an increasingly number of people dream of a modern home of natural wood with a contemporary, modern, and bright look.

How I have already mentioned a modern home interior has a large open space. In fact, an open concept floor plan is the most visible difference between traditional and modern homes.

Modern-style houses, no matter if they are concrete or wooden homes are characterized by large open spaces, made possible by open layouts that allow one living area to flow into another. While the rooms in most traditional and classic houses are separated by doors, sliding doors, swing doors, or arcades and corridors, most modern houses, inclusive the wooden ones have just a few walls creating in this way large open spaces.

In modern wooden homes, you will find seamless transitions inside and outside, natural building materials, especially wood and stone, and bright, sunlit rooms thanks to floor-to-ceiling, panoramic windows.

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