Beautiful Shabby Chic Décor, Incredible Interior Design Ideas

Decorate your home interior in shabby chic style


Are you looking to decorate your home with thematic inspiration?

There are so many styles to choose from. You can make your home look modern and stylish with a touch of futuristic or vintage and retro elements.

If you are a romantic person, you can choose shabby chic style. Nothing compares with this vintage style. Not to mention that it also is an affordable style.


After all, in real life we always mix of lot from vintage to antique furniture with modern objects.

So, if you are going to furnish and decorate your home interior in shabby chic, the point is to create a comfortable, cozy, and vintage home interior.

The furniture is characterized by the fact that it looks used and old. Of course, wooden and rattan furniture with sand colors to reproduce signs that it has been used.

Shabby chic decorative elements should be discreet and soft. They should also be in a well-thought-out setting.


Feel free to use cotton textiles, ceramics, porcelain, etc. to add a bit more aesthetic effect to the whole décor.

Here, for your inspiration we have uploaded a new video in our YouTube channel:

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Beautiful Shabby Chic Décor, Incredible Interior Design Ideas (video)

In this video we have tried to select ones of the most charming interior furnishing and decorating ideas in shabby chic style design.

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Did you think shabby chic and romantic nostalgia were a dying style?

Not in the homes presented in our video. After all, a stylish home interior decor is not about brand or design style. It should be pleasant for the eyes.


We have seen that shabby chic is when you combine accessories, furniture pieces, and household utensils from 1900 to 1950.

A shabby chic home interior is beautiful, comfortable, and even functional design for your home.

In fact, we can say that French country style design is the basis of this beautiful and romantic vintage style.


The color palette is in light tones, mostly in pink, lavender, beige, white, cream, and gray.

The furniture is worn and has been used for generations, so that all furniture becomes unique with its patina and creates a calm and harmonious feeling in the home.

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