Big Design Ideas for … Small Living Rooms, #1

How to furnish and decorate a small living room with style?

It is well-known that we like to spend most of our free time in the living room.

Accordingly, any living room should be elegant, comfortable, functional, and stylish.

So, join us today, to find how to design, furnish, and decorate a small living room.

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Big Design Ideas for Small Living Rooms, #1 (video)

In this video you will find a wonderful image selection of small living rooms. New clever designer ideas for this year that will turn any small living room, regardless the shape, size, or style, into an elegant living space.

Photo by Palette ArchitectureMore living room ideas

Check out the images and find the right idea for your own space. After all, you need a lot of inspiration for your own living room makeover, especially when you are dealing with a small living room.

Small homes and apartments are a common occurrence in our days and increasingly in demand.

This is due to the limited living space and the continue increasingly price on square foot.

We have to deal with smaller residential units and of course smaller living rooms.

This is a fact and a relevant issue, especially in large cities.

So, if you want to set up your own small living room, you will find a lot of inspiration in our video.

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It all starts with the right planning

The most part of our free time is spent in the living room. Here, you relax and unwind after a long, busy day.

But when there is not too much space available, and more than that the living room space is shared with a dining room and a home office, it can quickly become cluttered and uncomfortable.

An ideal furnishing and decorating can therefore be a real challenge for most of us.

So, the best idea for setting up a small living room is to start with a good planning.

The next step is choosing the right furniture. It has to be proportional with the living room size. Not too disproportionate large or too small.

It would be a great idea if you choose multi-functional furniture.

For example, a sofa bed, or an ottoman that can be used as a coffee table. Any furniture with hidden storage space is a great asset for a small living room.

After all you do not want a cluttered living space.

Photo by CURATED.Discover living room design inspiration

Colors play an important role in a small living room

A light color palette is the cheapest and easiest way to make your small living room fell more spacious.

Light walls are the perfect background for artwork, paintings, colorful vases, and other decorative accessories.

Use any space available

Use any space available such as the vertical space or corners.

Wall-mounted shelfs are great for empty walls. They can be used as extra-storage space and to display your collections or small stuff.

The same for living room corners. In addition, you can decorate any corner with potted plants or beautiful ceramic vases.

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