How to Decorate Your Bedroom “Zen” Style

A bedroom is an important room of your home. A bedroom is the room where you retreat to rest after a busy day. Therefore, it is very important to give proper attention when you decorate your bedroom. You should decorate and furnish your bedroom in such a way as to represent beauty, peace, tranquility and simplicity.

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In fact, these features, such as beauty, peace, tranquility and simplicity represent “Zen” style. There are different ways to transform your bedroom into a Zen, but all options contain the same four main elements such as earth, metal, water and wood.

In the Zen style, the emphasis is on tranquility and peace and not on functionality.

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Decorate Your Bedroom “Zen” Style

1. Floor:

Start your Zen design with the floor of your bedroom. Bedroom floor is in fact, the foundation of this concept.

The floor should offer your feet comfort and warmth. It is also extremely important that your floor to be easy to clean.

The best material for your floor is laminate or bamboo. Choose only natural colors.

2. Walls:


Zen concept and design is bright, open and airy. Therefore, remember these characteristics of Zen concept when choosing the colors for the bedroom walls.

Pleasant, pastel colors are typical for Zen style. Choose tones and shades of cream and light green. They are the most suited nuances for a Zen bedroom.

3. Fabrics:

Because Zen style is a naturally style do not opt for synthetic. Whether it’s bedding, drapes or curtains always, opt for 100% natural materials such as cotton, silk, flax, etc.

4. Furniture:


I mentioned above that Zen style is airy. Therefore, you need to opt for very simple furniture pieces.

No matter if, your bed is made of wood or metal. The most important is that your bed to be placed as low as possible, closer to the floor.

5. Accessories:

When you apply this style, you never forget that everything must be natural, natural materials, natural fabrics, and natural colors.

This principle applies even when choosing decorative accessories for your bedroom.

Wood is maybe, the best element for your accessories.  Acquires all kinds of wood accessories and place them inside the room.

6. Plants:

A medium plant in a pot is sufficient for your bedroom. opt for a Ficus Tree or a Lemon Tree.


Other Tips on Decorating in “Zen” Style

1. Keep Clean:

Order and cleanliness are very important in Zen style.

Clutter is excluded. Everything must be spotless and airy.

Keep clothes in your closet and not scattered in the bedroom. Keep small things in boxes that you can store under the bed or in the closet.

2. Keep Quiet:

Your bedroom should be an oasis of tranquility. Avoid listening to music or watching TV in your bedroom.

Zen environment can be destroyed by noise or electricity.

3. Leave Your Worries and Negative Thoughts Out of Your Bedroom:

Whenever you enter in your bedroom try to erase from your mind all the problems and concerns.

Even if you had a bad day, all must remain at your bedroom door.

Your bedroom should remain a place of pure thought, full of serenity and tranquility. Only so, you can actually create a Zen environment.