Decorative Glass Panels

A Modern Alternative to Ceramic Tiles for Your House

Famous for its fascinating textures and colors, decorative glass is a modern alternative to traditional ceramic tiles and can be used in any home regardless of the style.

Glass is indeed an innovative and original finish in the interior design. It becomes increasingly, more popular in homes that incorporate attractive and Eco-friendly materials.

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Thus glass floors, ceiling designs and patterns commonly used in clubs, concert halls and museums, have become lately, decorative elements in any modern house. Decorative colored glass panels can be applied easily and surely they will replace in the near future, gradually, the ceramic tiles. However, more and more designers exclude ceramic tiles from the interior design projects, in favor of the glass panels, especially when it comes to design a kitchen or an ultra-modern bathroom.

Homeowners can opt for a wide range of products, which generally can cover all the tastes and possibilities.

Fiberglass sheets can perfectly imitate stone, wood or other materials and can be successfully integrated into almost any decorating style. Because of the qualities and advantages that they have, any room can be arranged according to the requirements and needs of clients. Homeowners have the possibility to choose from a variety of colors and shades, from a simple model or color and between a frosted glass and a tinted one.

However, if you want to achieve a unique setting that reflects the owner’s personality, you can choose digital printed glass with various designs and colorful images.

Like the mirror, glass has the ability to reflect light, so decorative glass panels can make any small room of your home to seem larger. However, if the glass creates reflections that the client does not want them, then it can be used anti-reflective material.

The size of glass panels is no longer a problem they can be made in conformity with the customer wishes and based on accurate dimensions.

Another advantage of this material is that it can be easily mounted on any surface without having built a mounting structure in advance.

Because glass panels are made of one piece, the wall remains perfectly smooth, without having to fill the joints. Glass panels have a very long lifespan, presenting flexibility and durability being the right choice for your home.

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