Essential things that you must have at home

Be always prepared for small accidents.

Many of us have learned from the coronavirus pandemic, the conflict in Ukraine, and the recent earthquakes in Turkey that the scouts’ motto, “Be prepared,” still holds some merit. Toilet paper vanished from the shelves of several stores that were stormed during the pandemic, which caused many people who did not have a supply of either to lament this.

But aside from toilet paper, there are numerous additional supplies you need to have on hand at all times. We’re not only talking about pandemics, earthquakes, and conflicts here. It’s important to be ready for all eventualities, including minor mishaps, significant power outages, and natural disasters.

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Essential things that you must have at home.

1. First aid kit.

Of course, dial 011 if someone is seriously hurt. However, minor wounds merely require cleaning, disinfection, and bandaging. You must constantly be ready for everything, and if you have kids, this is especially important. Both the house and the car shouldn’t have these items missing.

2. Flashlights and batteries.

Make sure you have a portable light source on hand in case you need to search for a lost phone behind a dark couch or if the power goes out and the entire house goes dark.

3. Extra batteries.

Batteries are needed for a variety of items, including children’s toys, portable radios, and remote controls. To swiftly replace depleted batteries with fresh ones, keep a variety of batteries in a container that is easy to get to.

4. Canned food.

You don’t need to be ready to supply an army with food. However, it’s also crucial to have some soup cans, beans, peanut butter, crackers, and cereal bars on hand. Additionally, you might want to keep a spare can opener on hand. At least you’ll have provisions for a few days if a storm or blizzard keeps you indoors.

5. Fire extinguisher.

Although a major fire in the house is unlikely, it never hurts to have a small fire extinguisher on hand. You’ll be glad you were prepared when a paper towel placed too close to a stove burner catches fire.

6. Plunger for bathrooms.

Even though they’re not the most glamorous item you can buy, plungers are a must sometimes. Never settle for merely shifting from one bathroom to another. One should be present in each bathroom.

7. Drain blockage removal device.

Have you ever been standing in the shower when you saw water gathering around your feet? It might be necessary to call a plumber for a pricey repair, or it might simply be a hair blockage that can be cleared with a straightforward unclogging remedy. It’s crucial to always have a solution like this at home.

8. Small ladder or stepper.

No need for a tall ladder. However, there are occasions when it’s quite helpful to have a little extra height, as long as it’s done safely, whether you’re trying to reach that cake pan you rarely use or changing the light bulb in a ceiling fixture.

9. Extra beds and pillows.

Whether it’s your teenager’s requests, your in-laws’ weekend visit, friends or other family members who will stay at your home for one or more nights, unexpected visitors require bed linen. Although you don’t have to stock up on a whole linen closet, having a few extra beds and pillows is usually helpful.

10. Extra toothbrushes.

And speaking of unannounced visitors, the one thing you cannot borrow for one night is a toothbrush. It’s too intimate! Fortunately, purchasing a couple extra toothbrushes for your visitors is affordable.

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