Five Rules to Create a Dream Garden

What could be more beautiful than to have a home garden as you imagined it, drew it and designed it by yourself?

What could be more than a beautiful evening when you return from work, to have lunch with your family and friends in the backyard of your house, or simply to drink a beer in the gazebo that you built yourself?

It is simple and easy to make your own garden, as long as you stay organized and plan everything carefully, not to mention that it can be an enjoyable “task”. Let’s see, what you need to consider when you decide to design your own garden.

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1. Draw the outline of your garden

  1. First you need to decide its shape, rectangular, square, oval or why not, in the form of heart.
  2. Then, draw the alleys and decide where you will place the flower rounds, the fountains, benches or even the swimming pool.
  3. It is important to decide the height and type of the fence. It will be a wooden fence or more luxurious wrought iron one? Or perhaps a hedge would be the most appropriate for your backyard?
  4. The paths will be straight or snakes?
  5. What about the shrubs? Do you prefer somehow taller shrubs behind the fence?

However, the garden will have to dovetail with the architectural style of your house.

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2. Decide the colors of the garden

Do not put too many colors in your garden, three are more than enough. The dominant color is obviously green, meaning that you are left with 2 color choices.

Let’s see some examples of color combination that you can use:

Lilac and Purple; Yellow and Orange; Orange and Gray; Red and Blue; Black and Red;

3. Choose the plants

  1. It will be great if the plants you choose will have the flowers in the colours set in the previous rule.
  2. Decide what kind of trees you need for your backyard? Do you like trees with a generous crown that would provide a cool much shade or you prefer thin trees with a high crown?
  3.  However, when choosing plants, make sure that you are well informed about their characteristics. Are they sensitive to pests? Do they need special care and treatment?

4. Patio Furniture

How many pieces of garden furniture do you have?

  1. Do you have a gazebo? How big is your gazebo and for how many people?
  2. Rattan table and chairs? Where do you want to place these furniture pieces, in the patio or porch?
  3. Garden Swing?
  4. A garden shed for your gardening tools?
  5. Not now, but maybe in two years you will decide to make a swimming pool and you will need an empty place to do it.

5. Garden Lighting

Obviously you will need a proper garden lighting. A light for the patio, light for your gazebo. How are you going to do the wiring? Will be buried in the ground or suspended in the air? Or do you prefer solar lights? Alleys can be framed nicely between solar lamps. They are inexpensive and can be found in any specialty store.

Certainly your garden will look like a dream and will also increase the value of your home.

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