Front Venting Wine Cellar versus Freestanding Wine Cooler – It Is There any Difference?

For many a wine cooler is only a … wine cooler. For many of us it is insignificant what kind of system has the wine cooler that we buy it. However, between Front Venting wine Cooler and Freestanding Wine Cooler is a big difference, which takes its toll on wine quality. In fact, we are talking about preserving and maintaining our wines, isn’t it?

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Let’s see what are the difference between the two kinds of appliances:

Freestanding Wine Coolers

You can place Freestanding Wine Coolers anywhere, with two conditions:

1) The Wine Cooler must be in an outlet range
2) The Wine Cooler needs to have a “breathing space” of 1inch between its sides and other surfaces, for condenser to vent properly.

An insufficient, ventilation may lead in a condenser overheating and then the cooler breakdown.

Freestanding Wine Coolers are not expensive and they are in a wide range of sizes and types. There are little countertop Wine Coolers with a capacity of eight bottles but there are also huge Wine Coolers with a capacity of hundreds of bottles.

The red wine area has a specific temperature completely different from white wine area, which has its own ambient temperature.

The new, modern Freestanding Wine Coolers are made vibration free and have dual temperature control.

Front Venting Wine Cellars

Front Venting Wine Cellar is a well designed appliance, which integrates into the kitchen cabinetry.

It does not need a “breathing space”. The condenser is situated in the front and at the base of the cooler. That allows you to place the cooler wherever is a proper place inside of your kitchen cabinetry. However, the most commonly coolers have the countertop height, therefore we can place them under the kitchen counter.

Front Venting Wine Cooler is more expensive than Freestanding Wine Cooler, but I can say that it deserves the price.

However, it is your choice, what type of wine cooler is fit for your home. In fact, important is to equip the kitchen with this appliance, which will improve your live.

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