How to choose your kitchen style

Inspiration for your kitchen.

After deciding on the type of kitchen you want, you must also decide on a design that complements your house and your preferences. You can get ideas for your new kitchen from this article so that it will have a similar design to the rest of your house. You must first decide where in the house you want to put your kitchen before designing it and deciding how it should look and operate strictly functionally. But perhaps even more crucially, decide on the visual direction you choose. Sometimes you can even combine different alternatives and get inspiration from the many styles of kitchens.

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Country style kitchen

The most distinguishing characteristics of a country kitchen, which frequently includes many details, wood, and soft curves, are romance and a classic style. The country kitchen is generally associated with phrases like charm and coziness, but there is also something extremely primitive about this style, which frequently features useful wooden worktops. However, depending on whether it is English, French, or Nordic country cuisine, there are differences between the cuisines of various nations. Country cuisine frequently reflects the culture of the nation. Therefore, you can combine the possibilities in your kitchen and look for inspiration in numerous country kitchens.

For instance, a southern country kitchen is cozier in color, more laid-back, and rustic, but a Scandinavian country kitchen emphasizes naturalness and many wooden features. Comparatively speaking, the French country kitchen is far more elaborate and “decorated” than the Scandinavian one, featuring carvings and decorative tiles, for example. The colors are beige, earth tones, and pastel pastels, and heavy materials like stone and marble are frequently employed.

Select the rustic kitchen if: If you like a more intricately designed home with curving walls and infill doors, enjoy decorating in an antique style with organic shapes and plenty of details, and are typically the kind to enjoy the coziness of candles, rugs, and cushions, you should choose for a country kitchen.

Minimalist style kitchen

The majority of freshly constructed homes have highly contemporary minimalist kitchens. It has as few specifics as is practical. Guests might find it challenging to guess which door the refrigerator is behind and whether you open the cupboard for the dishwasher or the trash because there are no slots in the doors, no handles on the cupboards and doors, and as much of the kitchen equipment as possible is concealed behind the same door. Yes, the microwave and coffee maker each have a secret compartment.

The Nordic or Italian kitchens, which are frequently where you find the minimalist style, might serve as inspiration for this kind of kitchen. The two nations do, however, also clearly differ, particularly in terms of the colors and kinds of wood.

Scandinavian minimalism frequently uses white paint or light wood species like ash, oak, or similar. Here, there is a lot of natural light, and when night falls, there is a lot of artificial light as well. Darker hues like dark oak and walnut are used in the Italian minimalist kitchen. Here, it’s also common to see things like completely polished surfaces or materials like stone, steel, marble, and concrete.

If the remainder of the house is plain, devoid of skirting boards, door panels, etc., choose minimalism. Most decor styles can benefit from minimalism, but it is best to keep it as traditional and contemporary as possible with clean lines all throughout.

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