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Accent walls – bold colors and eye-catching patterns

When it comes to home décor, it can be difficult to do it. You will be overwhelmed by the multitude of décor inspiration ideas. How to choose the right one for your own living space?

With our décor ideas and tips, you will be comfortable in your own home interior.

Beautiful living/dining area

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But let’s back to our theme for today.

Use strong, eye-catching patterns and trendy colors if you want to create a beautiful accent wall with a fantastic new look.

There are many ways to do that from paints, wallpaper to great wall decorations such large modern paintings.

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With the design of the walls, especially accent walls, you give your room a completely new effect.

Because their large surfaces a wallpapered wall or a trendy new wall color is usually more than enough to achieve and impressive great result.

And this can apply to every room of your home, from entrance hallway and living room to the dining room and the bedroom.

But let’s see another idea for your accent wall:

Photo by Parlay Interiors, llcSearch hallway design ideas

Home photo wall

Give free rein to your imagination and stage your favorite photos on the living room accent wall. Or maybe you prefer to cover with black & white picture the hallway walls?

Anyway, staging your favorite photos on the walls is a great idea to bring your personality in the overall home interior.

These are just two of wall decorating ideas.

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