How to Furnish a Spacious Living Room

The living room is the heart of a house, the place where all family gathers around the table whenever found an occasion for celebration and rest.

The arrangement of this large space is not easy, especially when you have to take into account the tastes and preferences of all family members, to offer them a warming and welcoming home feeling.

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Do you have a large and spacious living room? Congratulations! Perhaps that is exactly what you wanted and what you need. But to really enjoy, a large space, you need to furnish it properly. Furnishing a large living room can be as problematic as furnishing a small space.

Decorating and furnishing is indeed a way to express your personal taste and style. When faced with furnishing a large living room or other spacious or large room, you need to pay attention to proportions and sizes to turn out the space just the way you wanted.

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Whatever your taste in terms of interior design when decorated and furnished a large living we recommend you keep in mind the following tips:

1| Distribute the furniture in an equal manner. If you put too much furniture in one side of the room, the space looks unbalanced.

2| However if you put too few furniture pieces, the room will look empty and cold, like a waiting room.

3| Begin to decorate having as reference and starting point, the center of the living room. In this way, you’ll be able to furnish your room harmonious and balanced, without neglecting any part of it.

4| Even if you have more space available does not mean, to place chairs or armchairs far away from each other. One of the most important benefits of interior design still remains the comfort and clearly, it is not comfortable at all, to have conversations screaming from one side to another of the room.

5| Equally useful, and aesthetically satisfying, there are the side tray tables. However, make sure that wherever you put them, not to be near the walls.

The same goes for the rest of the furniture. The best is valued a large area, if you leave free of furniture and airy the edges of the room.

6| That does not mean you should neglect the room walls. Decorate them with large paintings to give the room warmth, style and personality.

7| Do not forget to rugs. They are in fact, the most important items to give a harmonious geometry to your living room. Place two carpets or rugs that match in two different areas of the room and you’ll feel like your living room is well divided and balanced.

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