How to Make Your Housework Easier this Holidays Season

Holiday season is here. You don’t have to run yourself trying to keep your home guest-ready for holidays. You can have every room of your home looking great in half of time if you will use some perceptive cleaning tips.

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How to avoid chemicals when you polish your furniture

To avoid commercial furniture polishes you can use an alternative. For this, you need to mix one-cup olive oil with ¼-cup vinegar. The vinegar will cut through grime, while the oil will moisturizes the wood. The result is a bright gloss. This will create a perfect change and your home will be chemicals free.

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How to keep your shower perfect clean

If you have a glass door on your shower and you want to keep it clean all the time, once a week before you use it, take a paper towel and wipe a very thin layer of baby oil over the door.

The oil will deflect the water and will stop the mineral deposits; this means you do not have to scrub again.

How to freshen your drapes in minutes

If you need to freshen, your drapes and you don’t have time to launder, simply put them in the dryer with a fabric softener sheet for 30 minutes. It will shake off the dust and minimize the wrinkles. The dryer sheet will keep static electricity away and the dust too, for several weeks.

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How to make your glass sparkle in seconds

You should use Brush’s No Drip Gel window cleaner. In only a few minutes with a swipe of a cloth, your windows, mirrors and picture frames will be shinny and bright. It will save you 30% from your cleaning time.

How to vacuum smart

With this tip, you will manage to vacuum beneath and behind furniture without moving it. Check out for Vaccuflex, is a new attachment to fit any standard dry and wet vacuum. The tub is less than an inch in diameter, and can clean the tiniest places.

How to make your home instantly cleaner

You can cut in half your time to clean your home if are not scrubbing things that are not dirty. For example, do not wash your whole rug, wash only the spots part; do not clean the entire kitchen floor, when you got only a few crumbs by the fridge, spot clean the area that need it.

Light a candle

If you got unexpected guests at your door, you can easily freshen up your home by lighting a lemon-scented candle. Many cleaning products have this citrus fragrance; you can have a clean and fresh fragrance in a second.