How to Prepare Your Home for Easter

Easter is the most important holy celebration of Christianity. It is the FAITH in salvation, resurrection and eternal life. All Christians, worldwide, greet this holiday with joy. Every nation has its own traditions and customs, but the effervescence of preparations is common to all. Everyone is engulfed in holiday fever.

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But do not forget that apart from the spiritual aspect, the celebration of Easter is a spring celebration, a celebration of cleanliness and freshness.

Of course, everyone regardless of age competes in to bring his contribution to the Easter decorations. Making an Easter wreath is entertaining for everybody, kids or adults alike.


Fun and beautiful Easter decorations can be created even on a budget. You only need to give free rein to imagination and you can create wonderful Easter decorations.

Let’s see together some smart ideas.

Obviously, the table centerpiece is the painted egg basket. Painting eggs is a popular tradition for this time of the year. It is a contest in decorating or painting eggs. Children use different colored sticks to create their own funny eggs. It is an opportunity for you to spend unforgettable moments with your family.

You can use eggshell halves like tiny trays. Fill them with candies such as mints, jellybeans, chocolate cash or even gumdrops. However, you can create wonderful decorations for your Easter table with colored eggshell halves such as butterflies and flowers.

You can use different colored crepe paper to create garlands of bunnies. Hang these garlands over the windows.

But perhaps the most important decoration is the Easter wreath. You can create a wonderful and unique Easter wreath, adorned with paper bunnies and colored eggs. Allow your children to join you. There are moments of joy, of happiness that only you can live with loved ones.


Decorating a tree is a wonderful Christmas tradition and is prevalent worldwide. But what about an Easter tree.

Making an Easter tree is a wonderful German tradition. Unfortunately, it is not a widespread tradition.

In fact, generally we cannot speak of a true Easter tree. Budding brunches of trees or shrubs are placed in vases and adorned with brightly colored eggs. But are many places in Germany where a Easter tree is truly a tree beautifully decorated.

It seems that eggs and bunnies are ancestral German traditions symbolizing rebirth and fertility, the coming of the new spring.

It is a beautiful Easter tradition, and an Easter tree can have a great aesthetic effect. Instead of brightly painted eggs you can use chocolate wrapped Easter eggs.

However, boiled eggs are pretty heavy for your branches. Therefore, you need first, to remove the white and the egg yolk. Using a darning needle pierce the egg at its both ends. Make sure your needle has pierced the yolk; otherwise, it will not go out. Blow through a hole and the whole egg content will come out easily.

When the eggshells are dried out, you can give rein to your imagination and paint them. Decorate you Easter tree.

Happy Easter!!

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