Minimalist Magic: Scandinavian Christmas Decorating Tips


Scandinavian Christmas decor is all about creating a cozy, warm, and understated atmosphere for the festive season. Inspired by the natural beauty and simplicity of the Nordic countries, this style of decorating embraces neutral colors, natural materials, and minimal designs.

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Minimalist Magic: Scandinavian Christmas Decorating Tips (video)

Whether you want to add some Scandinavian charm to your tree, your mantel, your table, or your bedroom, here are some tips and ideas to help you achieve the look.

Stick to a neutral palette.

One of the hallmarks of Scandinavian decor is the use of neutral tones and colors, such as gray, white, black, and beige. These colors create a calm and serene mood, as well as a contrast with the dark winter nights. You can also add some pops of color with red, green, or blue accents, but keep them subtle and sparing.

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Choose lighter toned wood like birch.

Wood is another natural material that adds warmth and coziness to your Scandinavian decor. Lighter toned wood, such as birch, is especially popular, as it complements the neutral palette and the evergreens. You can use wood for your furniture, your ornaments, your candle holders, or your frames.

Use lots of evergreens and other dark plants.

Nothing says Scandinavian Christmas like a fresh pine tree, a wreath, or a garland. Evergreens bring a touch of nature and life to your home, as well as a lovely scent. You can also use other dark plants, such as holly, mistletoe, or eucalyptus, to add some texture and variety. For a more rustic look, you can wrap the base of your tree or wreath in burlap and tie it with twine.

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Go for geometric, minimal designs and patterns.

Scandinavian decor is known for its simplicity and elegance, which is reflected in the geometric, minimal designs and patterns that adorn many of the ornaments and textiles. Think of stars, snowflakes, hearts, and triangles, as well as stripes, dots, and checks.

Stick to natural materials like burlap, cotton, and linen.

When it comes to fabrics and textiles, natural materials like burlap, cotton, and linen are the best choices for your Scandinavian decor. They add some softness and texture to your space, as well as a rustic charm. You can use them for your tablecloth, your napkins, your pillows, your blankets, or your stockings.

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Integrate different sources of light like candles and string lights.

One of the most important elements of Scandinavian decor is the light. Since the Nordic countries experience long and dark winters, they make the most of the light they have, and create a cozy and inviting ambiance with candles and string lights. You can use candles of different sizes and shapes, and place them on your mantel, your table, your windowsill, or your shelves. You can also use string lights to decorate your tree, your garland, your wreath, or your wall.

Hygge all the way.

When in doubt, it must be cozy. Hygge is a Danish word that describes the feeling of coziness, comfort, and happiness that comes from enjoying the simple things in life. It is also a key concept of Scandinavian decor, and a way of living that embraces the festive season. To create a hygge atmosphere in your home, you need to add some layers of texture, warmth, and softness to your space. Think of chunky knits, fluffy faux fur, woolen rugs, and plush cushions. You can also add some personal touches, such as photos, books, or mementos, to make your space more inviting and meaningful.

Keep it simple. Less is more.

The final tip for decorating in the Scandinavian style is to keep it simple. Less is more when it comes to creating a beautiful and cozy space. You don’t need to overdo it with too many ornaments, colors, or details. Instead, focus on the quality and the harmony of the elements you choose, and let them speak for themselves. Remember, Scandinavian decor is all about simplicity, nature, and coziness.

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