Industrial Design for Your Bedroom

Today, industrial design is increasingly preferred by interior designers and homeowners.

Although at first glance, this style is not elegant, opulent or sophisticated style, it is spectacular by combining different elements, some old and refurbished, and using them for purposes other than their original purpose.

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Usually this new trend, industrial design is used to decorate the kitchen, but if you are full of creativity, you can also use it successfully to redecorate your bedroom.

Industrial design is broadly similar to any other type of design, having some specific elements that must be respected.

Industrial Design: Highlights Items instead of Hide Them

If you intend to decorate your bedroom in industrial style, you can without any problem to recycle different items that you no longer use.

Do you have a metal pipe that is in sight and annoy you?

Try to highlight it, rather than hide it behind a cabinet. The main idea is to not use too many accessories and anyway, do not try too hard to pairing them with the rest of the décor.

Colours in Industrial Design

In industrial design color palette is quite limited. In other words, all the nuances that suggest you some “industrial stuff” are good, and in addition, besides them you can use different color accents. This style is dominated by black, gray, white, steel, metal, stone and natural wood shades. However, neon colors are a good choice for an industrial bedroom.

Furniture in Industrial Design

Furniture pieces may look vintage, rustic and even unfinished, and if you’re not passionate about painting the walls, you can quit this step or you can opt for an original decorative plaster in an industrial gray shade. Often, in industrial design ceiling is “crossed” by beams of wood or metal supports to give the impression that it is not completely finished.

Decorations in Industrial Design

As I mentioned above, you must not use excessive decorations when you arrange your bedroom industrial style. Instead, you can switch to original decorations that normally you would not expect to find them in a bedroom.

A bicycle wheel, an old and shabby suitcase and an unusual picture hanging on a wall can complete the perfect look of your industrial bedroom.

Industrial-style bedrooms have an “underground”, urban look and according to experts it is ideal for apartments or lofts. The arrangement of an industrial bedroom is a child’s play, but you still, need a good dose of courage to start such a project.

Personal Notes in Industrial Design

If industrial design dominated by shades of gray and brown is for you too cold and inhospitable, then of course you can give it a personal touch. However, if you choose this variant of compromise, try not to recede too much from the industrial ideas.

For example, you can choose your bedroom to prevail in the red. If so, you can opt for a brick wall. The burnt orange shade of brick is perfectly integrated in bedroom décor giving it the industrial look that you want.

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