How to use vintage furniture and decoration items in your home?

With a classic, traditional design style that takes you back in time and thinking about how to adapt the retro décor, and turn it into a modern one, well let me tell you just one thing. Old, vintage, and classic decoration accessories are so original and unique that they come to bring a touch of chic and nostalgia to your home interior.

Maybe you want to recover and restore those magnificent objects, furniture and decorative items, that you inherited from your parents and grandparents, which evoke the lost golden years, and of course you do not want to lose them.

Therefore, here in this article, we can give you several tips that can help you to turn them in fabulous decorative elements.

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You don’t have to throw them away. Use your creativity and imagination. After all, you can provide your living space with valuable stuff that will tell everyone their life story.

The eclectic design style is all about preserving the aesthetic beauty of these vintage elements, and the smart way of incorporating these fabulous antic pieces from bygone eras into a harmonious and balanced home interior.

May I ask you that have you ever wondered how and where to use vintage furniture and retro, old decoration items in your home?

Allow me to give you some tips and ways to adopt this style in your home interior.

Mix contemporary and old, vintage pieces in a balanced and harmonious way

It is not really necessary to fill your living space with retro and outdated items in order to project a vintage style. Instead you can mix and combine some rescue and renovated furniture pieces with modern coffee and side tables and thus achieve a harmonious and perfect balance in the living room.

The main idea is not to saturate and overcrowd the living space with old furniture and decorative pieces but to give it character and personality by adapting the overall décor to current design trends.

Therefore, choose every element very carefully and think where to use it without disturbing the overall décor an unbalanced environment.

Revive all valuable items by adapting them to the today design

Look carefully for your inherited objects. After all, they are a treasure. Give them a completely new life: for example – change the frame of a vintage mirror and place it in a special place in your living space.

The secret is to be passioned in the restoration project. Place the vintage, retro objects on those lifeless walls to give them a new life.

All vintage items are versatile, and you can renew and used them according to your needs.

Mix old and new materials and textures

Vintage and retro decoration items have a big advantage. You can easily integrate them into new designing and decorating trends by simply mixing the materials and textures of their structures.

For example, some old wooden furniture pieces can be combined with metal accessories.

Create a functional home interior full of elegance

The vintage decoration style has these three main qualities: originality, functionality and elegance; I think you agree with me that is a great advantage over other decoration and furniture elements.

It is not only about recalling a long-lost past time, but about using again the furniture and items, giving them a new life, because they necessary in your home interior and also functional while preserving their original design.

Don’t be afraid to combine colors

Colors play the most important role in decorating your home interior in a vintage, retro style. For example, you can combine a vintage pink sofa with white modern or also vintage elements for a bright atmosphere full of freshness.

You can also choose to apply different pastel shades to the walls and place vintage chairs with old lamps for great and mesmerizing lighting.

Textured wallpaper with vintage patterns on the walls in a wide range of colors is another unique and cute idea to give a retro touch to your decor.

Vintage living room furniture

Heavy textured and thick fabrics with classic and retro-style patterns are ideal for upholstering a vintage living room furniture. Just think about armchairs with leather upholstery that will turn your living room into an exquisite home interior.

Of course, the wooden decorative elements can never be missing in this kind of decoration. Aged wooden boxes arranged in dim lighted room corners are a valuable decorative accessory.

Cushions and curtains should be mixed and combined with all the furniture in floral designs or patterns from an old Golden age.

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