Interlock Permanent Aluminum Roofing – A Lifetime of Strength and Beauty

Roof moss can be a big problem for an asphalt-shingled roof, especially if you live in a coastal area with more precipitation. In fact, roof moss can damage in time, many types of roofing not only asphalt-shingled roofs.

Interlock aluminum Roofing

People who have roofs made of clay, wood, concrete tiles and even metals can have algae and moss accumulate on their roofs.

Algae and moss retain water, trap dust and debris and their roots affect the integrity of your roof. In a word, they make your roof look pathetic and shabby.


First of all, aluminum will not rust like steel.

Second, an aluminum roof has lifetime fade protection and moss resistance. Interlock permanent aluminum roofing is particularly protected for a lifetime with a coating system namely, Alunar Coating system embedded with Teflon. This coating system ensures an outstanding durability and resistance.

Another major consideration is the cost of this type of roof. For most homeowners cost is an extremely important factor. At a first glance, a cheaper type of roof seems a much better alternative but … it is not. It may actually cost you much more in a long run.

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If you choose to replace your asphalt-shingled roof or any other kind of roof, you would have to roof at least twice: once now and again perhaps, in 15 years.

The second re-roofing would also involve many other costs such as cost of stripping off and disposing of old shingles, and perhaps the cost of some compromised plywood underlay replacement. Therefore, a temporary roofing option can cost you thousands more not to mention the other inconveniences such mess, troubles, the deplorable appearance of an old roof and possibility of leaks.

In fact, choosing a material for their roofs that will not withstand against vicissitudes of weather such as salt air, excessive humidity and strong winds is one of the most expensive and common mistakes of many homeowners. Maintenance costs and replacement costs for these types of roofs are expensive in a long run.


Usually, an Interlock Permanent Aluminum Roofing is coming with a lifetime-limited warranty.

With an Interlock Permanent Aluminum Roofing, you are protected for a lifetime, not to mention the flawless look of this type of roof, regardless of its age.

Practically, an Interlock Permanent Aluminum Roofing offers an incredible protection against the elements and moss. Nothing it is more important than your peace of mind. Actually, you can stop worrying about repairs and maintenance.


From a “green” point of view, an aluminum roof is an environmentally friendly choice. It can reduce a lot your energy bills due to its insulating qualities.

Its outstanding durability (between 50 and 100 years) reduces enormously the consumption of other building materials.

Also, its shingles are made of almost 95% recycled aluminum and of course, they are 100% recyclable. None of this roof goes to the landfill.


Interlock Permanent Aluminum Roofing has incredible qualities, which make it one of the best types of roofing currently.

Let’s recap again, the qualities of this wonderful type of roof:

Lightweight – You can install Interlock Permanent Aluminum Roofing over the old existing roof;
– Energy Efficient – Saves your money on cooling and heating;
– Permanent Flawless Look – Interlock Permanent Aluminum Roofing cannot rot, rust, curl or split;
Fireproof – Interlock Permanent Aluminum Roofing has an outstanding resistance against fire. That means a lower rate of insurance;
– No Loosening & Durability – It has an exceptional durability and no loosening from temperature changes such as contraction and expansion; Also, you can walk on it without any consequences; you cannot damage it;
– Economical – Interlock Permanent Aluminum Roofing requires no re-roofing costs and it is maintenance free;
– Snow Slides Off – No ice or snow buildup on your roof;
– Reflects Sunlight and Heat – Interlock Permanent Aluminum Roofing is a warmer roof in the winter and a cooler roof in the summer;
– Low profile Design – Interlock Permanent Aluminum Roofing has an outstanding resistance to strong winds, resists hail damages;
-Secure – Each shingle of this roof is nailed down with an aluminum nail that is smart hidden in the locking process;
– Beautiful Look – Interlock Permanent Aluminum Roofing definitely, increases the value of your home. 

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