The Importance of Basement Lighting

Usually the basement is a home space without too much importance for you. However, you do not give it so much importance as to the rest of the rooms in the house.

Initially you are satisfied it is a dry, clean environment and it has shelves and more storage space. Problems usually begin to appear only after you consider transforming your basement into a habitable room.

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Among the first things that come to your mind when you think of the basement is the dark or the dim light, which is so tiring for the eyes. To change this you have to consider a few rules regarding the placement of light fixtures and the installation of power wires.

In fact, light is a real problem for the basement of any house, even if it is built up and equipped with smaller windows; the natural light that penetrates is still not good enough to turn the space into a friendly and welcoming place.

Anyway, who wants to turn the basement into a children’s playroom, into a gym, a family room or simply into an oasis of tranquility and entertainment where friends can often come, you have to take in consideration the installation of several light fixtures to ensure a proper lighting.

If the electrical system is well designed the only difference between the lighting inside the house and down in the basement is that the number of light fixtures, spots or various kinds of lanterns and lamps is significantly higher.

Light fixtures that are usually located on the ceiling play an important role in this issue. Besides standing lamps or table lamps spread rays of warm light, that turns atmosphere – initially cold and sober – into a very pleasant one.

There is also the LEDs option, which in fact, it is a wise option, because besides their charm and elegance, they can enhance various decorative objects or corners of the room and they can save electricity.

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