Several Easy Steps to Set Up Your Home Office

As much as you want to detach yourself when you work at home, sometimes you cannot avoid it. You have to admit that it often happens before even you access the home laptop to finish your project started at work. Wondering why you cannot focus and always feel a need to find other activities more important to do than your priority? The answer is very simple: your office is not located where it should be.

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According to experts, most people who work from home have arranged their office in bedroom, working in bed, or sitting cross-legged on a couch or on the floor and do their job on a coffee table. If you do so, do not be surprised to spend hours in front of your laptop without finishing your paper work, as your back hurts or you get sleep.

Bed, watching TV and the wrong body positions make your work harder or simply distract you from work. Here is how you should arrange your workspace to work efficiently and quickly.

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If you want to work from home, you need just a comfortable chair, a desk and a quiet atmosphere where you can work really effectively. So if you want to focus on your projects, it is also extremely important do not have things around that might you distract.

If you have a large enough living room, you can place the office there, but it is better and wise to make small changes. First, you should separate your office from the rest room with a colored plastic panel, a decorative screen or a rack with many shelves.

You do not have a space large enough to allow you to install a desk? Then you should improvise. Buy a folding table and fix it against the wall at the height of a normal office. After you are finished, you can clear the table. There are many types of folding tables that do not require a wall mounting. And they are an excellent choice for setting up a temporary office.


If you get used to working evenings at home, you need the best light, to avoid being engulfed by fatigue and sleep. A desk lamp or a floor lamp you will be a great help. Experts say the optimal lighting of your working space can increase productivity.

According to experts, if you are right-handed you should have a light source on the left, and if you are left-handed, on the right. It is recommended to choose a dark desk, matte not glossy, which does not reflect light, otherwise you risk your eyes get tired more quickly.


Depending on the volume of work, you might need more or less storage spaces for your documents, books, binders, folders and stationary. You should take in consideration this aspect when you arrange your workspace. However, you can choose from a wide range of shelving and storage boxes. All you have to do is to find a way to organize them. You want to use effectively, your workspace without cluttering it.


Another extremely important factor is a good ventilation. In fact, to work effectively you need a friendly environment: a suitable temperature (not too low or too high), a good ventilation and quietness (no TV, radio or other noise sources).

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