Small Living Rooms Ideas – New Décor Schemes #5


A modest living room is not cause for concern. Even without wide sofas and heavy armchairs, you can make the area a cozy retreat in your home. The recommendations below will show you just how to set up a small living room.

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Less is more!

A tiny living room should be outfitted with a few carefully chosen pieces of furniture to create a cohesive image, i.e., to adhere to a style. Allow enough space between individual pieces of furniture and leave an open space where nothing stands or hangs to give the living room structure and a break for the eye.

Less is more, and the brighter the colors you select while furnishing your little living space, the better. Small, bright rooms appear welcoming and cozy. Small, gloomy chambers, on the other hand, elicit uneasiness and panic in many people unless you enjoy caves in general. Choose a pleasant foundation color and mix it with your own unique colors such as black, white, or grey. This rule applies to all decorations, including photos, pillows, and cozy blankets, as well as the wall color. Only color one wall, ideally the one opposite or directly next to the window.

Small living room – choose small, tall furniture.

Large, pompous furniture and a lot of decoration look great in a big, high room and add character to it. In a small living room, however, you should choose the sofa, the bed, and the curtains with care. Smaller furniture pieces with a fine silhouette, standing on little legs and thus seeming light, are more visually appealing and allow more air to circulate in the room than bulky, overstuffed sofas and armchairs or even shutters.

Choose a bench instead of a couch or combine two benches for a larger storage area. Do you like a traditional couch table? What if it was made of glass? Visually, he recedes into the background. Utilize modern and comfortable seating instead of a pompous armchair as a seating option, and your small living room will appear airy, light, and modern.

There are no restrictions on the height of furniture for the decoration of your small living room. The motto is unmistakable: go above and above! Utilize the living room’s deck height and install small cabinets or maximum two-door shutters to create storage space. Play around with the different heights of different furniture to create an interesting room image.

TIP: Place the sofa such that as you walk in the door, you can see the seat surface. This makes the little living room more inviting and visually cozy.

Make the most of the space: one piece of furniture, multiple functions.

Despite having a small living room, you do not have to renounce any comforts – this usually works only if you get versatile furniture. There are more of these than you think: one of the classics is the sofa as a possible guest sofa bed with storage space under the mattress. An ottoman can serve as storage, a coffee table, a footstool, or extra seating for guests. A lovely shelf next to the sofa serves not only as a bookcase and general storage space, but also as a side table, with space for a reading lamp, drinks, snacks, and odds and ends.

If there is no need for extra space in the tiny living room, a folding seat without a backrest can be utilized as a table or as a room divider in the eating area.

Think outside the box and out of the box to make your living area as cozy and practical as possible. A flower stand, for example, not only skillfully highlights flowerpots or vases, but can also be an atypical side table or function as a minibar.

Lights on! Light the living room well.

When it comes to lighting a small living space, natural light is, of course, the first choice. As a result, install translucent curtains – or none at all – and instead work with privacy films and drapes that visually frame the window and can block out prying eyes in the evening. You should also avoid putting any furniture immediately in front of the window, as this can block off further light. So, always allow a space between the window and the furniture; even if the distance is not visible at first, it will still serve its purpose.

In your living area, you should set up and hang various lamps. If the heat and brightness of the lighting are not coordinated, the effect will be uncomfortable. Indirect lighting is a great way to make a tiny living space appear larger than it is while also creating a cozy environment in the evenings.

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