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How to Make Your Christmas Tree Pet-Proof

To keep your cat away from your Christmas tree all you need is fabric-softener sheets. Just place a few sheets beneath the tree skirt; cats hate the smell of waxy camphor used in dryer sheets and so, they will stay away.

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How to Make Your Produce Last Longer

The moisture inside of your fridge can cause to your produce to rot. There is an easy solution: line your produce drawer with newspaper. It will absorb the moisture and the bad smell. Try it!

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How to Keep Your Cutting Boards from Slipping

 To prevent a cutting board from sliding around while you chop, you should slip a damp paper towel under it. It will create traction between the board and the counter to hold it in place.

The Easy Way to Transport Your Gifts

To transport your gifts, you should store a plastic laundry basket in the trunk of your car; this way you will carry gifts or other packages to your destination. It will keep the packages from bouncing around and makes it easier to carry them inside.

How to Make Your Candles Steady

If candles are losing inside of their holders, they can drip wax. What you should do is to put a rubber band around the bottom of the candle and wind around several times to fill the space until is fits.

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