Zen Spaces – Calm and Serenity

Space designing means to take many decisions. Arrangement, texture, use of space, colors – there are a lot of decisions to take in consideration and countless possibilities and options with each space. Therefore, the start of any interior decorating project could sometimes be daunting.

Perhaps because of this, the first thing you can think of is not if this cushion is cute or this color creates a perfect ambiance. When you are planning to redesign a space, think ahead how this space should make you feel. Do you want to be relaxed or energized by this room? Do you want a place of peace and serenity or a family room full of activity?

Let’s see one by one each space separately.

Bedroom: Thinking about redecorating your bedroom? Do you want your bedroom to be indeed a space where you can unwind and relax? Then you should go in search of objects, and audio-visual effects that have a great calming effect; a small outdoor fountain can create indeed a “Zen” space – a oasis where you can meditate, relax and enjoy the beauty of this outdoor miniature water garden. After all, this combination of textures and colors could be appropriated even for indoors.

Home Entrances: A “Zen” home start right from the entrance. In fact, the idea of walking directly into a calming space is lovely. A “Zen” entrance is stylish but relaxing. Take in consideration dark floors, a green door and plenty of light.

Dining Room: Dining room is generally a room where it is performed an intense activity, but that does not mean that this room cannot be a relaxing room. A symmetrical and orderly dining space can be perfect for quiet and enjoyable dinners even if these dinners turn into a party.

Family Rooms: Similar with dining rooms, any family room is usually filled with pets, people and generally other kind of stuff that are linked with everything else than calm and serenity. However, using a combination of white walls and warm wood and neutral colors you can create a charming living space full of character and also peace.

Bathroom: A calm bathroom is indeed a quiet oasis. How can you create this little piece of heaven? Very simple and easy – using plenty of natural light (if it’s possible), gray walls and an orderly design. Surely this room will bring you relaxation and peace of mind.

(Baby’s Room) Nursery: Nurseries are generally rooms full of movement, texture and colors. That’s great of course, for your children’s daily life, but what about their bedtime? It will be great that your baby’s room to have a little space whit white furniture and walls where quiet and peace prevails.

In fact white is a great color even for the master bedroom. Anyway, your baby’s room will look great and comfortable too if equipped with a comfortable and nice bed, a nice wallpaper, cool accessories and a large window. In other words, everything must lead to a beneficial effect.

Teenager’s Room: Often, especially for teenagers, it’s important that their room to has multiple roles, such  as resting, study and recreation. Therefore, it is almost impossible to avoid clutter. You have the feeling that your child room does too many activities and things in the same time. However, you can successfully avoid this if you rely on white or using a neutral palette. The result will be a nice room that’s both multi-functional and calming.

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