Solar Powered Landscape Lighting – Smart Ideas

Solar and electric outdoor landscape lighting systems are very popular, easy to install and economical to operate. Solar landscape lighting provides also, a practical alternative to installing more traditional landscape lighting.

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Think about it! Traditional landscape lighting requires buried wires to be run and an outlet to be available in order to plug in the transformer.

That means time and money.

Outdoor solar lights usually consist of a small photovoltaic cell which charges a battery during the day that is part of the light.

Solar lights also have a small photoelectric sensor which will turn on the light at night.

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Solar Powered Light Types: Solar powered garden lights – come in an amazing array of styles and shapes. 

  • a) Many have tiny solar panels incorporated into the design of the light and are simply placed in a sunny location where they’ll capture sunlight during the day and the photoelectric sensor will turn on the light at night.
  • b) Some types of solar powered landscape lighting have a solar panel that is separate from the lights themselves. They are ideals if you want to back-light shrubbery.

a) Solar powered spotlights – can accent intense light on a specific object.
b) Solar powered path lights – light the way to your door, a gazebo, a favorite sitting area, the garage, wherever.
c) Solar powered patio lights – this kind of lights are permanently installed on a deck or patio.

d) Solar powered motion lights – lights an area for a few minutes whenever it detects motion. . For safe nighttime passage around driveways, pools, outbuildings, stairways and in front of doorways you want bright illumination.
e) Solar powered flood lights – are an excellent choice for casting light directly on to focal points and special garden features. Also floods are great for back-lighting dense shrubbery.
f) Solar powered hanging lights– are wall mounted lights used for entrances.
g) Solar powered decorative lights– comes in many styles from solar frogs to solar statues, they can add a personal touch to your garden décor. In this category you can find Solar Christmas Lights.
h) Solar powered lamp posts – give a warm welcome your guests.

Finishes for Fixtures: You can choose from copper, stainless steel, verdigris, and plastic.

Solar Powered Lights Installation: Regular solar garden lights are easy to install. Simply push them into the ground or attach them to your patio or wall.

Solar Powered Lights Maintenance: Solar lighting requires very little ongoing maintenance. Keep the solar panel clean and clear of debris and change traditional batteries annually or when light starts to fade. Rechargeable batteries should be replaced every two to three years.

Solar Powered Lights News: Today new features for Solar Landscape Lighting include – six to twelve times brighter than standard solar lighting.

Solar Powered Lights Benefits: While solar lights have always been easy to install, new improvements now make installation even easier. As always, solar lighting requires no tools for assembly. Most new solar lights offer easy bulb replacement and an easy-to-handle connector.

Other benefits of solar lighting include:

  1. Work during power outages
  2. Eco Friendly
  3. Little maintenance needed
  4. Adds safety to your home
  5. Aesthetic appeal