The Best Way to Clean Oak Flooring

There are a lot of wood plank flooring to choose that would be perfect for a home or apartment. Solid oak flooring is a well-liked choice of flooring because it possess great quality, it’s easy to clean, and it’s very nice looking.

Whether it is tongue and groove, plank or engineered hardwood, oak is one of the most durable flooring materials available on the market today.

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Perhaps the best advantage of oak flooring is that with the proper cleaning and maintenance, it will keep its beauty for decades.

When you very first install solid wood flooring in your property, chances are that it will be pre-stained as well as sealed with some sort of varnish. 

You have options when it comes to the sort of stain that is employed for solid oak flooring as well as the varnish that goes on top of the stain.  The varnish will protect the solid wood flooring from dust, stains and debris, thus making it simpler to keep clean.

As with anything, prevention is the best way to cut down on the cleaning time and make the chore less of an effort. A welcome mat at the front door where people can rub the dirt off of their feet will keep much of this dirt from entering the home. Having a rule to keep wet shoes on the front porch, in the garage, or anywhere else besides the hardwood floor itself will prevent mud and water from staining or warping the floor.

Even with such precautions, your hardwood floors are bound to get dirty and steps will have to be taken to clean them. In terms of cleaning oak hardwood flooring, luckily it is very easy to clean.

1/  A dust mop is the way that you must routinely make certain that your solid wood flooring is kept in good condition. Sweep, dust mop or vacuum at least once a week. A soft dust mop is ideal as it will not scratch the floor and will get rid of dust as well as hair and dirt.
2/  It is also recommended that homeowners have their floors vacuumed with a lightweight vacuum cleaner and brush when it is deemed necessary to do so. Dirt and grit are oak flooring’s biggest enemies, as they wear the surface of the protective top coat.

3/   When you vacuum, always use a brush attachment as opposed to a beater bar.
Avoid damp mopping with water. The key here is a damp mop and not a mop that is soaking wet. Otherwise, the water will damage the floor, causing it to warp or allowing stains to set into the wood. Many people will recommend that you add vinegar to the water in order to help cut grease and grime. But be careful: a half a cup of vinegar to half a gallon of water is a good measure.

4/  Persistent stains or grease spots are going to require a professional cleaner such as oil soap. There are floor cleaners that are made for solid wood flooring.  These are recommended for those who want to take care of their floors swiftly and efficiently. Pour the cleaner onto a sponge mop head until it is slightly damp rather than pouring directly onto the floor.
5/  There are also magnetic items that can be employed to both clean up the floor and remove particles that may possibly be challenging to get up with a dust mop alone.

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