INSIDE of a NEW YORK inspired design style APARTMENT

What defines a New York style apartment?

Although there is no conclusive answer to what defines an apartment in New York style, we will still try to highlight several main characteristics of a typical New York style apartment.

Keep in your mind that everything depends on the neighborhood and on the building type.

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INSIDE of a NEW YORK inspired design style APARTMENT (video)

Some possible characteristics of a New York style apartment are:

High ceilings and huge windows provide a sense of space and light.

Exposed brick walls, timber floors, fireplaces, and cast-iron radiators give character and charm.

Open floor layouts that allow for flexibility and creativity in furniture arrangement and space division.

Modern and minimalist design contrasts with antique architecture, creating a clean and classy appearance.

Artwork and accessories that reflect the owner’s unique style and taste, as well as the city’s cultural richness and liveliness.

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Of course, as I already said, these are just several examples and general characteristics and of course, not all the apartments in New York have all or any of these characteristics.

Finally, a New York style apartment is one that meets your requirements, tastes, and budget while also making you feel at ease in the city. If you are seeking for some inspiration or ideas, you might visit some of the following websites and YouTube channels that feature various New York apartments.

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