What is the Proper Height for Your Pendant Fixtures?

Pendant fixtures have earned a reputation over the years.  In fact, they are an all-time preferred type of light fixtures mainly because they can be easily installed in any place of your home.

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Pendant fixtures can be formal (casual), dressed down or dressed up. However, the biggest challenge for everyone is choosing the proper height to hang these fixtures.

Let’s see together several tips that can help you.

Over a Dining Table

In fact, hanging a pendant fixture over a dining table is a matter of personal preference.

However, a proper height would be somewhere between 28 and 32 inches above your tabletop. Keep in your mind for serving food or passing food and for conversation you do not want your light fixture to hang between you and your friends.

Hanging two or three fixtures over the table can give a particularly aesthetic effect not to mention the extra light.

Entry and Hallway

Pendant fixture should be the focal point in your home entry. You know how important is the first impression and anyway you do not have too much stuff in this area so your pendant should make a great statement.

This area is perhaps one of the most challenging places to find out exactly how high or low to hang your light considering that is not probably any furniture piece underneath to appreciate properly the distance.

However, the best it is to hang your pendant light at least eight-nine feet above the hallway floor. It is wise to make sure that it is enough room between your swinging doors and the pendant.

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Home Staircase

Hanging a modern or contemporary light fixture above stairs can have a great aesthetic impact and can add interest and drama to the staircase. Make sure only, you have enough clearance for walking up your stairs.

Over the Kitchen Island

Hanging the pendant fixture above the kitchen island is determined by the function of the countertop, in fact, how this kitchen area is used more often, and of course, what you are more convenient with.

Again, having two or three pendant fixtures over the kitchen island in a long row can look beautiful.


Hanging two pendant fixtures on the both sides of the mirror, instead of traditional and common sconces, can make your bathroom to look stunning and elegant.

However, for a greater aesthetic effect, the light component of your light fixture should hang near the middle of the bathroom mirror and close to the wall.

If you have a small bathroom, it is preferable to choose a pendant with clear glass. Your bathroom will seem larger. For an ambient feel, you can choose pendant fixtures with diffuse glass.

In the Middle of Your Living Room

Usually, you can hang your pendant fixture over a sitting area such as above a coffee table, sofa, armchairs, ottomans, etc, which generally is a place for reading, conversation, watching TV or just resting so you need this area to be lit but in an ambient mode not too bright.

You can use a dimmer switch. In this way, you can adjust the light intensity from a warm, diffuse light to a bright light.


A charming pendant light fixture that hung above your bed can be the focal point of the bedroom. However, you need to hang your pendant quite high so you cannot hit it in the middle of the night.

A smart idea is to hang two pendant fixtures on either side of your bed instead of table lamps. The proper height is between 12 and 20 inches above the bottom of the table.

NOTE: Do not forget to consult a professional electrician before making any changes. However, there is an entire list of codes and regulations that are required for a safe installation.