What are the modern floor solutions for patios?

A nicely furnished terrace or balcony helps to create additional space for living.

The weather is warming up and the sun is shining in the sky. Every day the soul is torn more and more. A well-decorated patio or balcony helps draw old winter air out of the room’s lungs and add valuable living space.

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A good and comfortable floor solution is an important foundation for any environment, so it’s appropriate at this point to talk about floors again. But when a problem arises and the floor becomes unsightly, uncomfortable underfoot, or more difficult to maintain than expected the magnitude of the problem shifts. Replacing a floor is a very laborious and expensive process when broken furniture can be easily thrown away. Inside, it’s at least an extract from the room, and at best could mean a variety of work starting with the pouring of new sub-floors. Therefore, it is important to make the right choice from the beginning.

Wooden patio floors

Solid and comfortable solution with decent materials and well executed. Perfect if you are a handyman at heart and love to make things with your hands. He should consider maintenance once a year to protect the wood from the elements. It also polishes to reduce the likelihood of surface build-up.

Β Depending on the size of your terrace, this can be quite an extensive undertaking, but the results are well worth it. For this reason, wooden floors are comparable to luxury cars. Good results require a lot of investment in purchasing materials, installation, and maintenance. Bad results look ugly and will only cause you headaches in the long run.

Stone patio floors

In warmer climates, stone terraces are a very popular solution. Due to the poor ski conditions, the rocks are mostly cold and not comfortable for bare feet. At the same time, a stone terrace is a truly permanent solution. The stone selection is also quite large, from solid tiles to natural stones, from loosely laid tiles to full-surface solutions. Stone patios require proper installation, but they last for decades. For example, a stone terrace can be made walkable with an artificial grass carpet.

Artificial grass patio floors

Artificial grass is being used more and more to cover outdoor surfaces. There is no need to fertilize or mow, and a good artificial grass solution looks very beautiful. It can be laid in areas where normal grass cannot or is difficult to grow. When it comes to artificial grass, it’s important to compare products at different price points. Cheap grass is low, hard, and mostly just plain plastic carpet. Grass in the higher price range is thicker, more colorful, and offers a more realistic and comfortable feel. Good synthetic grass lasts longer and doesn’t require special care. Soccer players say playing on a quality artificial grass pitch is even more enjoyable than on a real grass pitch. And in summer, you can go home stress-free without thinking about resuming mowing in the evening.

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