Why Should You Have House Plans Before You Start Building?

Building your home is perhaps the biggest investment of your life and you should plan everything carefully. Having house plans before you begin the construction it is of utmost importance.

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You will save time and money, not to mention the quality of your future home.

Having house plans means also, you and your builder will know step by step what to do.

The building process will be easier and smooth. You will know exactly what materials are included and their cost.

In fact, having house plans it is similar with having a road map for your subcontractors and other tradesmen you hire to build your home. They will understand what you want and will follow your ideas and wishes. Of course they are professionals and know very well what they are doing, but having detailed house plans improves the communication between them and you.

So, to save money and time and your dreams, building a home, to be fulfilled you need the house plans to be exact, without any possibility of interpretation. Only the floor will not be enough for this kind of job.

You will need detailed plans such as:

  • Site plan
  • Foundation plan
  • Elevations plan
  • Framing plan
  • Floor plan
  • Interior elevation
  • Wall sections plan
  • Roof plan
  • Electrical plan
  • Plumbing plan
  • HVAC plan
  • Room finish schedule plan
  • Door and Window schedule plan
  • Specifications Plan

Having your house plans means also you can find all the deals before starting your construction, so you don’t have to pay interest, which in fact, happens if you start building. You can start shopping, knowing exactly what you will need for your building. Planning means also, organization, less mistakes that means no materials and time waste.

Conclusion: A good planning could cut in half the home building work time. You can save maybe almost 40% from the total cost. So, you should spend time for planning before you start to build.

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