How to Obtain the Construction Plans/Blueprints for Your Old Home

Finding the original blueprints for your old home is every homeowner’s and renovator’s dream. What is a blueprint? A blueprint or construction plan is a drawing containing all the specifications of a house or building.

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If you want to renovate an old house, you may need to find the original blueprints. You could have a road map for repairs and restoration.

For homeowners of old houses, to find their blueprints is only a dream.

In the early 1900s and before, house construction was largely a matter of convention, using methods passed down by word of mouth.

Although blueprints are often difficult to find for an old home, it is not impossible. So, what can you do?

1/ Call Your Realtor

Contact the realtor whom you used to purchase your house. They may know where to find the information in your area such as local developers, housing styles, especially if construction happened less than 50 years ago. So, gather all the information about your home. Any documents from the sale may also be useful.

2/ Consult Your Local Building Inspector

Builders usually have to file a building permit before they can begin construction on a new house. If builders constructed your house in the last 20 years, a building inspector may have the file with all information you need: floor plans, elevation drawings etc. Sometimes there is enough detail to show the shape of the buildings and the placement of doors, windows and porches.

3/ Visit Your Neighbors

There’s a reason why that house across the street looks familiar. If you live in a subdivision, most of the homes are usually built with the same specifications. It may have been designed by the same architect. Pay a visit to your neighbor and maybe you can have an image about the original floor plan of your own home, or better you can get a copy of the blueprint.

4/ City Archives

If you have an older home, it may be almost impossible to obtain a blueprint. But many communities maintain archives with old photographs, building plans and maps. Maybe you may be able to find important information about your house.

5/ Old Real Estate Advertisements

Look at old real estate advertisements from the time builders constructed your house. Simple floor plans for your old house, or houses like it, may have been published in real estate advertisements. Check your public library for back issues of local newspapers.

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